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The legendary James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service will premiere on ITV at 3:40pm today.

007 is the first and only appearance of George Lazenby as the super spy. The Australian star walked into the offices of the Bond chiefs, at the time, and requested an audition. Before he knew it, he was the new James Bond. And he definitely lived his best life while filming the movie.

During the filming of the movie, Lazenby became very close to Diana Rigg, who was playing Bond in love with the movie.

Lazenby remembered saying, “If you don’t mess with any other girls, you and I can get to know each other a lot better.”

Clearly excited by the idea, Lazenby was happy to oblige.

But he also couldn’t help himself. When another woman caught his attention on the filming set of the movie, he began to have relations with her.

Lazenby had an affair with a woman from a nearby hotel and persuaded her to spend some extra time with him alone.

Before long, Rigg found out – in the most embarrassing way possible.

Lazenby recalls: “One day, [Rigg] He walks to the hotel reception and the sexy businessmen had a tent right outside the hotel with all the mattresses and stunt gear there. I’m there reception guard.”

He revealed that his acrobatic men decided to make a joke on him.

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Lazenby added, “They’re engaged and everything. They were just a quick game on the side. They took birth control pills, and there was no AIDS. It was great. You have no idea how fun that was at those times.”

He also had an unfortunate mishap in paying the bonds – which he got in cash, delivered in suitcases.

“I’ve had thousands of dollars in spending money and it’s all been piling up in my purse,” Lazenby told the Daily Express.

He was reportedly paid £1,000 a day, in addition to getting plane tickets, motorbikes and an Aston Martin.

But once the actor played Ernest Stavro Blofeld – his on-screen opponent – Tele Savalas caught wind of his mountain of cash, he decided to take advantage.

Lazenby said: “He saw my incompetence [the suitcase] One day he asked, “Do you want to play poker?” Well, I never played poker and started losing.”

I lost a lot of money. In the end, one of Bond’s bosses had to step in and save him.

“[Harry] Saltzman stopped it and told Tellly, “Leave my son alone,” he recalls.

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