QB can trade with NFC North in a surprising move

Andrew Filipponi tweeted.

This is an interesting development, especially because Rudolph doesn’t exactly bring huge commercial value to the table. Detroit may be desperate enough to make good value in Pittsburgh, which it would be foolish to ignore.

However, there is an argument for keeping Rudolph in place as a back-up plan. As impressive as Beckett looked in pre-season, it was one game and the team might want to let him develop before throwing him in the fire.

Rudolph will be their insurance policy if anything happens to Trubsky. In that case, they wouldn’t be forced to play Pickett until they wanted to.

Brian Patko tweeted from practice Beckett has moved solidly into second place behind Trubisky after his strong performance in his first pre-season game. Rudolph left with the third team.

So maybe Mike Tomlin and his co-workers are comfortable with the idea of ​​the novice being the QB2. The answer will come if they continue to trade with Rudolph before the end of the training camp.

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