‘The Last Socialist Artifact’ wins big at the Sarajevo Heart Awards TV

The Croatian series “The Last Socialist Artifact” was the biggest winner of the “Heart of Sarajevo” TV Awards, which were handed out Sunday night during the Sarajevo Film Festival.

The six-part limited series, adapted from Robert Perisic’s novel “No-Signal Area,” tells the story of two urban transplants who take over an abandoned turbine factory for a mysterious client in a remote, economically depressed Balkan town. The show earned home awards in five of the eight categories for drama series, including Best Series, Best Leading Actor for Izodin Bagrović, and Best Director for Dalepo Matanic.

“The Last Socialist Artefact” by Ankica Jurić Tilić and Dalibor Matanić, by Tilić for Zagreb-based Kinorama, is co-production with Sense’s Producer, Slovenia Pervo Productions and Finland’s Citizen Jane. The series was part of the official selection in Series Mania last year, winning first prize in the International Panorama Competition.

“I am very proud of this show,” said Tellio. diverse After the party. “The story is really powerful and emotional, and I think it tells us a lot about the 21st century, about our loss of sense of being useful to society, of being involved, of helping each other, of listening to each other. That’s what I found interesting in the book, and that’s why I chose the book. I chose the writer and director. The wonderful one who is very capable of bringing those sentiments to the fore.”

Tilio said she always envisioned “The Last Socialist Artefact” as a limited series “without a sequel, there’s no second season.” “I think there are some stories that should be told as a TV series, not as a movie,” she added. “And I think it’s a great thing that Sarajevo encourages TV series.”

At the newly launched Comedy Awards, the Bosnian “Advokado” was named best series while taking home the best lead actress award for Jasna Đuriči. The Serbian comedy “Strange Kind of Loves” won three awards.

The Sarajevo Film Festival launched the Sarajevo Heart TV Awards last year, making it the first event of its kind to celebrate the best television production in the region. It’s a sign of the series’ growing importance to the Balkans’ leading industry event, which also features a drama thread on the co-production market CineLink, as well as the Avant Premiere Series, the festival’s sidebar featuring six much-anticipated regional dramas.

Here are all the winners of this year’s Hearts of Sarajevo Awards for TV series:

Best Drama Series: The Last Socialist Artefact

Best Actress in a Drama Series: Ivana Vukovic (Wake Up)

Best Leading Actor in a Drama Series: Izudin Bajrović (“The Last Socialist Artefact”)

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Lana Barić (“The Last Socialist Artefact”)

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Slavko Štimac (“Black Wedding”)

The rising star is Stefan Vukic (“Wake Up”).

Best Director, Episode in a Drama Series: Dalibor Matanic (“The Last Socialist Artefact”)

Best Screenplay for an Episode of a Drama Series: Hana Jocic, Jelena Balian, Milan F. Civkovic (“The Last Socialist Artifact”)

Best Comedy Series: “Advokado”

Best Actress in a Comedy Series “Jasna Đuričić (“Advokado”)

Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Mustafa Nadarevich (“Crazy, Confused, Ordinary”)

Rising star in a comedy series: Jovan Yovanovitch (“Strange Kind of Loves”)

Best Screenplay for an Episode in a Comedy Series: Bhuban Jevitch, Nikola Kojo (“Strange Kind of Loves”)

Best Director, Episode in a Comedy Series: Nicolas Cujo (“Strange Kind of Loves”)

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