Samsung quietly changed exchange values ​​in the Galaxy Z Flip 4 display

In the past few years, Samsung has been bold when it comes to launching new smartphones, offering promotions, credits, and other incentives to attract new and old customers. With the release of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, things were no different. The company made outrageous offers, such as giving $900 in “improved” trade credit to the Galaxy Z Flip 3. That was a steal, considering the phone had a retail price of $999.99 when it was released a year ago. But now, Samsung appears to be backing away from its offerings, quietly changing exchange values.

people in 9to5Google Spotting the changes, I was informed that Samsung had lowered trade-in values ​​with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. As mentioned earlier, Samsung had previously offered $900 in trade credit for any version of the phone. But now, the trade-in credit offered starts at $700 if you trade in the 128GB model of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Those with the 256GB model will be eligible for the $800 credit, and the Bespoke Edition will fetch $900. credit. Of course, these changes will be disappointing to some who have been on the fence, but even with lower trade values, the performances are still very good.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 offers a familiar clamshell design, but with a more refined look, thanks to square edges and a redesigned hinge. The foldable compact package houses the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 SoC paired with 8GB of RAM. The 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display delivers a 120Hz refresh rate, with deep blacks and pops of color. You get a slightly larger battery compared to its predecessor, as it comes with a capacity of 3700 mAh. The phone offers wireless charging or if you’re in a hurry, 25W wired fast charging as an option. Those who love capturing the moment on the go will be happy to know that the phone is equipped with dual 12MP cameras, capable of capturing beautiful photos and videos.

Despite the lower trade values, Samsung is still offering other incentives such as up to $200 in instant Samsung credit that can be used on accessories. It also offers a free memory upgrade, with the base model Galaxy Z Flip 4 being upgraded to 256GB of internal storage. It also makes a $39.99 case. On top of all that, by purchasing the Galaxy Z Flip 4, you’ll be eligible to receive four months of YouTube Premium, four months of SiriusXM streaming, three months of Spotify Premium, and six months of 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage for free. Simply put, this is still a great thing to take advantage of.

    The latest and best from Samsung. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 improves on its predecessors, offering a sturdier, more refined and foldable phone.

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