6 Foods You Should Avoid If You Are Suffering From Piles

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Increased pressure in the lower rectum, which often occurs as a result of chronic constipation, is the main factor contributing to the formation of hemorrhoids. Low-fiber foods can worsen constipation, which can lead to piles in patients with this disease, so they should be avoided. The following six foods, according to Healthline, should be consumed in moderation or avoided to reduce your chance of developing hemorrhoids. Please read to the end.

1. Avoid eating a lot of fried foods.

Fried foods taste good, but taste doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy. Studies show that fried foods can compound hemorrhoid symptoms, as they take time to digest. It is important to reduce the intake of fried foods if you suffer from hemorrhoids.

2. Spicy foods.

Spices have a spicy taste, and according to Healthline, eating spicy foods regularly can exacerbate the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.

3. Red meat.

It is important to stay away from red meat if you have cases of hemorrhoids. This is because it takes longer to digest. This can lead to more constipation.

4. White flour.

Because the majority of the fiber in white flour has been removed, it is classified as a refined food. White flour is used to make foods such as white bread and pasta, and therefore its consumption should be limited. However, you can replace white flour with wholemeal flour as it contains fiber, which is good for those with hemorrhoids.

5. Processed meat.

Processed meat is claimed to be unhealthy for hemorrhoid patients due to its high salt content and low fiber content. Eating them may increase your risk of constipation, which can lead to hemorrhoids.

6. Drinks containing caffeine.

According to data from Healthline, drinking liquids such as coffee can make stools more difficult, which can increase the risk of hemorrhoids. Because it improves digestion and reduces constipation, water is a healthy alternative to caffeinated drinks. It is also advised to consume water regularly if you have piles.

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