A ghost rider is about to reach his final form to defend the Marvel Multiverse

Robbie Reyes is slowly establishing himself as the greatest ghost rider in the multiverse of all time. The young hero is a member of the Avengers, who is in the midst of a battle against Mephisto and his Council of the Red through time, the Multi-Realms Master of Evil. Jason Aaron Avengers run has expanded to such an extent that it now writes two addresses, center Avengers series and Avengers Forever. The latter follows Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider as he collects heroes from all over the Marvel Multiverse. Coming from Avengers Forever Triggers a new transformation of the Ghost Rider that could make him the most powerful vengeful spirit.

Marvel’s November orders for Avengers Forever #11 From writer Jason Aaron and artist Jim Toy is the epilogue to the story “The Columns”. These pillars are meant to be the mainstays of Earth’s mightiest heroes, as these multiverse heroes from the team’s various incarnations represent them. However, the multiverse somehow does not contain any variants of Ruby Reyes to be found. Since he’s a “Ghost Rider unlike everyone else,” Robbie is preparing to change into his final form known as the All-Rider.

Aaron Couder’s cover of Avengers Forever #11 It features a white background with a giant skull. The mouth of the skull opens and the bones seem to be filled with cosmic energy. If Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider was truly going to turn into an All-Rider, then it stands to reason that instead of his body being made up of Hellfire, Ghost Rider would instead exchange that fire for a greater energy signature.

Jason Aaron’s Avengers stories will collide Avengers collect alphaone take in november unite AvengersAnd the Avengers Foreverand the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC in what Marvel described as “the culmination of Jason Aaron’s era in Avengers. Aaron will be joined by artist Brian Hitch Avengers collect alpha.

Avengers Forever #11 Will go on sale in November. You can find the cover and order below.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)
  • Avengers #11
  • JASON AARON (W) • JIM TOWE (A) • Cover by Aaron Koder
  • GEOFF SHAW Assorted Cover
  • Pillars: Conclusion!
  • The largest group of Avengers ever assembled from across the multiverse, and each are the mainstays of the group’s infinite incarnations. But for one central character, there are no other variables to be found anywhere in creation. Robbie Reyes is a ghost rider like no other. And now finally, his final form must be unleashed. Now rises first rider.
  • 32 PGS / T + … $3.99


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