Big Zuu Fronts BAFTA, the campaign for emerging talent in digital cinema media


BAFTA And the digital cinema media (DCM) in a cinematic campaign, premiering 19 August across the UK, to inspire the next generation of creative talent by showcasing the diverse range of skills and knowledge that go into making award-winning film, games and television. The campaign revolves around a national cinematic advertisement produced by DCM’s creative arm of DCM Studios narrated by the double winner of the BAFTA Big Zuu.

The ad features the actor Tom Hiddleston The BAFTA envelope opened to reveal an anonymous winner, with Big Zuu asking the audience: “If your name were in that envelope, who would you thank?” Behind-the-scenes content and clips from films like “Skyfall,” “Get Out” and “1917” celebrate the actors and crew behind the camera to encourage emerging creative talent to see themselves in the screen industries’ roles of the future. It ends with the message: “There are a lot of people behind every BAFTA. You might be one of them.”

The Supportive Careers campaign led by BAFTA on its social and digital platforms will highlight the free resources and guidance they offer which include mentorship, scholarships, networking opportunities, classes and career development initiatives to help talented take their first step in the film, gaming and television industries.

Targeted at a wide and diverse audience, the first advertising shows will run for seven weeks and will appear alongside films from among them. Jordan Bell“no ,” Olivia WildeThriller “Don’t Worry Baby” and “Bullet Train” are shown Brad Pitt.

Watch the ad here:

Documentary series

Doha Debates and collaborative cinema Muzungu Producciones She collaborated on a four-part global documentary series focusing on the role of music in strengthening youth social movements. The first film, Raising Their Voice: A Direction, was shot by emerging Palestinian filmmakers Noor Abu Kamal And the Tamara Abu LabanIt presents an overview of the all-female hip-hop group performing inside the Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem. The movie was shown for the first time in Amman International Film Festival in Jordan in July. Other upcoming films in the series, also shot by emerging local filmmakers, will focus on musicians and emerging youth social movements in Brazil, Senegal and Greece.

Doha Debates is a production Qatar foundationa state-led non-profit organization in Qatar led by Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Misnad.

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