Cardinals make ‘old man’ history of demolishing the Rockies

Cardinals Hill Climb The Rockies With An ‘Old Man’ History Of Two Legends

How do you beat a team with 42-year-old Albert Pujols capable of coming off the bench to strike a Grand Slam? The Rockies had no answer. He must have remembered to take a morning walk around the mall to stay fit.

And the explosion of the third inning punished Colorado. The Cardinal was already leading 6-0 at the time. A Pujols humidifier with squeezed bases (not peach juice either) keeps this out of Colorado’s reach forever.

The bats were clicking and so were the bones of the player with the biggest hit in the game. He even managed to add an RBI song later in the game’s thirteenth lucky round.

Perhaps even more impressive than Pujols’ achievement is what Adam Wainwright did on the hill. Any 42-year-old senior player can hit it off at the right time and place and go to the yard. It takes a completely different kind of discerning athlete to throw 7 pit stops.

Wainwright was also very clever. Only 3 hits and 7 hits allowed. He didn’t feel his age at this age. Despite the great progress, there was no need for him to refuse to catch one of his stories. He knows how to score things and watch them later.

The only thing missing in this game is something crazy from the catcher Yadier Molina. He turned forty last month and could certainly do a few lasting wonders. Unfortunately, it was 0 against 4 with a pair of hits at this.

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