Fans think Daniela Monet being cast as Hannah Montana would be ‘funny’

Hannah Montana fans were shocked to learn that Daniela Monet and Taylor Momsen were on their way to play popular Miley Cyrus after a viral TikTok game.

The tik tok Posted by Lisa London, the acting director of the Disney show, revealed it victorious star Daniela and gossip girl Taylor’s fame were the other two actresses considered for this role.

Hannah Montana, which premiered at Disney in 2006, became a cult classic, making Miley Cyrus a pre-eminent international star.

Daniela Monet was almost Hannah Montana

Lisa, who discovered Miley Cyrus and was the director behind Disney’s mega-show, took to TikTok on Thursday, August 18.

She made a video responding to other claims from TikToker, who said in her video that Spanish and Mexican singer Belinda almost landed the role of Hannah Montana.

“Belinda auditioned for Hannah Montana and it was about three girls at the end of the audition process,” TikToker said in her video.

The director compiled her response to the original TikToker video.

“I’m actually the original director in Hanna Montanaand Miley Cyrus discovered, “Lisa says in it tik tok. “I wanted to tell everyone that Belinda, who is beautiful by the way, was never in the top three for the role of Hannah.”

She then showed a photo of the paper from May 6, 2005. She bears Miley’s name along with Taylor Momsen and Daniela Monet.

The casting director revealed, “These were the last three actresses auditioned on the network’s audition out of over 1,200 girls.”

The check sheet also shows the name “Chloe” written in front of the names of the three actresses. It was the character of Hannah Montana original name Chloe Stewart, who was changed to Miley Stewart after wrecking ball Casting singer.

Hannah Montana – “It’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to” – after Lily – disguised as Hana’s girlfriend Lola – embarrasses Hannah in front of her celebrity friends, then Miley is reluctant to take Lily to the pop star’s birthday party. She chooses the path of the coward and lies to Lily that the party has been cancelled. However, when photos of Hannah at the party appear in the papers, Miley does her best to keep Lily off all media, on “Hannah Montana,” which airs Friday, April 21 (7:00-7:30 p.m. ET) on Channel Disney. (Disney Channel / Byron Cohen) Miley Cyrus

Daniela and Taylor went on to star in other hit shows

Although the role of Hannah snuffed out Miley, Daniela and Taylor starred in two huge shows that made them household names.

Daniela played Trina on the Nickelodeon sitcom victoriouswhich also starred Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies among others.

On the other hand, Taylor played the role of Jenny Humphrey in The CW’s gossip girlwhich also starred the likes of Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick.

Fanks think Daniela as Hana would be funny

Many fans were shocked to see Daniela and Taylor so close to playing Hannah Montana.

Some feel that Daniela’s role as Hannah would have sounded hilarious.

“Imagine a world where Daniela Monet was Hannah Montana and not Trina. Trina’s inability to sing is a lot funnier now,” A fan wrote Noting how Trina from Victorious was the complete opposite of Hannah.

In the movie Victorious, Trina is the older sister of Victoria Toure’s character. Trina often acts like the most talented person in her class at Hollywood Arts, but she has the worst singing skills.

Another fan said, “Being Daniela Monet’s Hannah Montana would be so funny.”

However, some fans are wondering how Daniela would do if she played Hana.

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