Running Man screenwriter deeply regrets Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie, and wants fans to fix it

Released in 1987, Paul Michael Glaser running man He is remembered as one of the great action films that helped establish Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the biggest stars in the world. It showcases some of the best individual lines in an actor’s filmography, has a legacy as a very different kind of Stephen King adaptation, and can even be grounded in its insight into its depiction of the relationship between the media and audience. Turning 35 this year, there’s plenty of greatness to look at — though so sorry for screenwriter Stephen E. D. Souza about the film that he’s hoping fans can fix it with some post-production editing.

I recently had an interview with D’Souza in memory of running manOur anniversary is coming up in November, and during our conversation he brought up a last-minute change to the film that he felt made the end result worse. While discussing the details of the world predicted by the movie, I noticed that Richard Dawson’s Damon Killian movie at one point used essentially Deep Fake, and the screenwriter explained that the sequence in which it was used was not only different when entering the editing room, but much better.

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The sequence in the running man who changed at the last moment

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