She-Hulk premiere removes confusion from Bruce’s Shang-Chi appearance

We’re going to the movie premiere She-Hulk: Attorney at LawThere has been a lot of confusion about Bruce Banner’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After years of trying to coexist with the Hulk character in his head, Bruce combined the two during Blip, creating Smart Hulk. during Avengers: Endgame, the Smart Hulk used Infinity Stones to bring back life that Thanos had thrown from the universe, causing massive damage to his arm. This injury was supposed to be permanent, as was the case with the Smart Hulk, but the post-credits scene from Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Bruce Banner showed a human in ropes talking to the new recruits.

When Strong woman The trailer came out, and fans watched the Smart Hulk in action again, with two fully working arms. It brought a lot of questions to the rules surrounding the Hulk. Fortunately, the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law And this week’s premiere quickly cleared up all of Bruce and the Smart Hulk’s problems.

The Strong woman The premiere begins with Bruce in his human form again. He explains to Jennifer Walters – his cousin – that he spent years making a damper device to wear on his arm. The device helped his injury heal a bit, but he kept it mostly in a human condition the entire time.

Bruce and Jane get into a car accident early in the episode, and Bruce’s machine malfunctions. This leads to the return of the Smart Hulk. He also creates She-Hulk, where some of Bruce’s blood gets into one of Jen’s open wounds.

Thanks to some testing, Bruce learns that Jennifer’s blood is different from his own, even thinking they share some characteristics. The bonus bounty actually helps Jane Bruce’s blood, as he uses her DNA to repair the injury to his arm. Unfortunately for Bruce, if he wanted to return to human form, he would need to develop another device similar to the one that was broken during the accident. Since it was a prototype, this will take some time.

So far, Smart Hulk is the version of Bruce/Hulk found in the MCU, and his arm has fully recovered from using the Infinity Stones.

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