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Jimbo Fisher has raised the bar for talent in Texas A&M soccer, but it’s time to deliver results that match.

It’s impossible to ignore the good that Jimbo Fisher has done over four seasons with the Texas A&M Soccer Team. He’s won 34 games over four seasons and has three notable post-season wins to his credit. Furthermore, he helped the Aggies secure the best recruiting class in the country while also beating Alabama last season. It all looks great

However, this is not enough at College Station – nor should it be. With the talent Fischer has for this program, finishing last season 8-4 and just one campaign with fewer than four losses won’t take him out. No time like the present to change that, ie Jimbo?

Attempting to smash the CFP’s 5th place in FanSided’s Top 50 pre-season rankings, the Texas A&M Aggies!

Texas A&M Football Championship 2021 review

There were big upswings for the Aggies last year, but Texas A&M was ultimately unable to make the most of them. The win over Alabama is clearly at the top of that list as Fisher was able to outsmart his opponent (and possibly a mortal foe if that’s not by any indication), Nick Saban.

However, this is a team that also looked unlucky against the likes of Arkansas, Mississippi State and, most worryingly, Ole Miss before losing in their biggest rivalry match outside of watching Crimson Tide (although this one is more historic), LSU.

To make the lingering taste in everyone’s mouths less satisfying, the Aggies were unable to play in the Gator Bowl after the program’s COVID-19 outbreak, thus ending their season with a disappointing 8-4 mark. But then came the best recruiting class in college football and now, an 8-4 season could cause riots at College Station, a season that even abundant livestock won’t be able to happily ignore.

Texas A&M Aggies crime preview for the 2022 season

  • Return appetizers (5): QB Haynes King, WR Ainias Smith, OL Layden Robinson, OL Bryce Foster, OL Reuben Fatheree
  • Newcomer: QB Max Johnson (LSU), 5-star QB Conner Wegman, 5-star WR Evan Stewart, 5-star Chris Marshall
  • effect player: Devon Ashan

Just for the record, we consider Heinz King to be a returning player as he was the start of the first week a year ago before he was injured in the second game of the year. But his place is uncertain with the arrival of Max Johnson and Conner Wigman, a transitional player and rookie man, respectively, vying for the first job. Regardless of who takes the first reps, though, the Aggies need a more consistent play in the center.

Indeed, this has been a problem with Fisher’s crime since his arrival at Texas A&M University. Crime has not developed with the rest of the SEC, but it should now. There are no excuses when it comes to the midfield, especially with NFL talent all around, including off-field world sprinter Devon Achane, who should be the Swiss Army Knife ready to exploit any defense.

When you consider an experienced offensive line that brings back three novices and has more experience to beat those guys as well, this is an offense that needs to take a dramatic step forward and highlight the talent on the roster, especially with the host of so much. Expected newcomers to take over, particularly on a large scale.

Texas A&M Aggies Defense 2022 Preview

  • Return appetizers (6): NT McKinnley Jackson, LB Andre White Jr., CB Tyreek Chappell, CB Myles Jones, NB Antonio Johnson, S Demani Richardson
  • New arrivals: 5 stars DL Walter Nolen, 5 stars DL Shemar Stewart, 5 stars DL Lebbeus Overton, 5 stars DL Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy, 5 stars CB Denver Harris, 4 stars DL Anthony Lucas
  • effect player: Walter Nolen

It’s too much of a burden for a freshman to say he’s the core of defense, but that’s the kind of pressure that comes with being the #1 recruit in the 2022 class. Walter Nolen is an absolute beast at defensive tackle, and he’s a player who should come right away and fill a void on a defensive line. He only returns one player, albeit well in the 325-pound behemoth of McKinley Jackson’s nose.

Nolen won’t be the only freshman expected to make an impact, either, Shemar Stewart will be used to the rush early and often and we’ll see plenty of Lebbeus Overton, Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy, Ish Harris and Martrell Harris Jr. In the line of defense and full-back this season.

The secondary group also has junior stars in the pipeline but is a far cry from the group of more experienced sites in defense. This would be an advantage for the Aggies as the young airline guys up front are trying to find a foothold at the league level, but the roof as a whole for this defense given the talent that Fischer brought is really impressive.

Watch the 2022 Texas A&M Football Player Awards

Devon Ashan, Hornung

If Achane is used to his full potential this season now that he’s an advanced major, it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the country having a case for being the most versatile footballer.

Leyden Robinson, Lombardy

Despite some major losses at stake, Robinson is one of the main reasons people aren’t completely worried about Aggies up front. He is a legitimate candidate in the NFL and should present a dominant case in the trenches in Lombardy.

Antonio Johnson, Bednarek

While Bendarik is a tough prize to pick up, Johnson ended up on his pre-season watch list talking about his immense talent and versatility. Line up throughout the defense and play in every aspect of the game. If Texas A&M’s defense lives up to the hype, it’s going to be a big reason to be.

Texas A&M Football is the biggest on the 2022 schedule

Make no mistake, there are plenty of big games on A&M’s roster this season. Playing in Arkansas in Arlington as the Aggies try to avenge last season’s loss (and more oomph) will be big. Ole Miss and Miami at home played huge competitions, too. This is the case every year with the season ending against LSU as well.

But it’s all about the October 8 trip to Tuscaloosa. This game is going to be incredible, and after last year’s Texas A&M turmoil, Bama is out to prove a point. At the same time, though, this list of Aggies is better equipped to give Crimson Tide a game than last year due to the talent spread on both sides of the ball.

This game could be the difference between a big pier and the College Football Playoff for Aggies. Even if other games matter, no games are as big as those.

Best Football Scenario at Texas A&M

Perfect season. Simply.

With other players in the middle to find a legitimate elite option, talent in skill positions, a great offensive line, and a defense that could see nine or 10 players in the NFL in a few years, this is a team that has every reason to consider. Play-off for the first time in the program’s history.

Yes, that would require a win over four teams ranked in the AP’s Top 25 pre-season, including No. 1 in Alabama. This team is capable of that. Which is why the best case scenario for them is that they are the best college football team.

Worst-case scenario for Texas A&M football

Of course, another side of the coin is that we’re seeing the same Aggies we did a year ago, but only this time with more talent to really add to the disappointment.

I don’t think Texas A&M lose to Miami just because they’d be able to beat them physically in the trenches (although Hurricanes that heat up offensively in and of themselves can cause problems. But Sam Pittman clearly had Jimbo’s number last year and plays in JerryWorld can provoke some of the same.Then you get a furious Alabama team in Tuscaloosa and that’s two losses before the weekend for the Aggies.

If that were to happen, you have to wonder what kind of motivation that team would have, that would put them at risk in South Carolina, at home to Ole Miss and Florida, perhaps not in Auburn, and then at home for a competitive game against LSU.

They’re not going to lose all of those games, but they showed last year that an unfocused group A&M can beat. Thus, the worst-case scenario for a more talented team is a repeat of the 8-4 regular season from last year.

Texas A&M football season 2022 predictions

Fortunately, talent often wins in college football and Texas A&M has so much that she thinks it’s going to be nothing short of great this year.

The only thing I can’t convince myself of is that they beat Alabama. Even with the horses they drive in the wagon outside College Station to Tuscaloosa, this Crimson Tide team will be excited after 2021 and a team more than capable of enjoying whatever lack of experience the Aggies can show. That’s enough for me to define that as an A&M loss.

Even if that were the case, I don’t see another loss in the schedule. The Aggies must avenge the loss of Arkansas (and the Ole Miss, the Mississippi State) and they have no problem beating Miami physically. This will result in a file 11-1 Regular season, the SEC Championship game and perhaps the playoff game, but still firmly missed the New Year’s Six game.

Texas A&M Football 2022

Predictions from CBS Sports Expert Jerry Palm Make the Aggies lose in the College Football Playoff game but you’ll have another date with the New Year’s Six Ball, facing Baylor at the Sugar Bowl.

next one: No. 4 Clemson Tigers

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