The Real Housewives of New York Star learns about the challenges JLo and Ben Affleck are likely to face in marriage

In a really complete moment, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally got married in Las Vegas on July 16. It’s been a low-key affair, but there’s a second, bigger wedding on the horizon, too. Everyone from JLo’s first ex-husband to his contemporaries have thoughts about weddings, that is, how long or not they will last. and now, Real Housewives of New York Alum Bethenny Frankel has shared her own year about the challenges the couple are likely to face in Hollywood now that they’re married.

Benefit from her own experiences Just B with Bethenny Frankel On the podcast, the infamous TV personality talked about how a relationship in the public eye can be “exciting” at first. But she added that her attempt to match external perception versus actual reality led to a number for her, which she claims could become the case for Bennifer 2.0: Married Edition. The 51-year-old said,

It affects you not only does it affect you, but it kind of believes in the excitement of being real and being a part of the relationship. So you’re in a relationship and everyone thinks it’s pretty cool and you’re in a fairy tale and you believe what other people think and you’re all in this together. This is a dangerous dynamic because it is not real.

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