Video: Oklahoma woman on meth slips out of handcuffs, grabs rifle and shoots at deputies from back of patrol car, authorities say!

Grady County, Oklahoma. – An Oklahoma woman who was being held in the back of a police car accused of slipping out of handcuffs, grabbing an assault rifle and opening fire — the runaway incident was videotaped.

It happened outside Oklahoma City.

According to MPs, the woman, who has been identified as 36-year-old Rachel Zion Clay, was only being held for her erratic behavior and would not be arrested.

“While in the back seat of a patrol car, she was able to properly free her wrist from the handcuffs and handcuffs,” said Grady County Police Agent Gary Boggs. Who spoke with KOKH-TV about the accident.

Bugis said the woman was able to reach out to the patrol car’s console and grab a gun.

“There are several keys, one of which is a pistol key to unlock the rifle and I found it, unlocked the rifle, and was able to retrieve the AR-15,” Bugis said. “Then she was able to figure out how to put a shot in it and ignite it and fired about 10 shots at our representatives and one of the civilians.”

In a shot from the police car’s dash cam, the woman is seen holding the rifle and shooting it through the rear window.

Clay holed up in the car and gave up over three hours later. Authorities say she tested positive for methamphetamine.

Both the officer and civilians sustained non-life-threatening injuries and have since been discharged from hospital, according to authorities.

Bugis said his office is now making changes to protocols in an effort to keep his deputies safe.

He said, “One, I will say, is our console where he actually said ‘gun.’” She was able to see that. will be replaced. We’ll put a key somewhere else in the car to lock our weapon. It’s a strange deal. It’s one of those… I’m not going to say one in a million, but you know, it’s one of those deals that, you know, once it happens, and then you go back and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s what we’re looking for.”

Clay now faces three counts of shooting with intent to kill and is on $1 million bail.

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