who Nicholas Brendon, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Actor, Hospitalized for ‘Cardiac Incident’!

Nicholas Brendon is on the mend and has been dealing with “cardiovascular disease” lately. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor’s sister shared an update on Brandon’s condition on Instagram, revealing that he had to be rushed to the emergency room.

“Nikki sent her love and got me to apologize for not being on air for so long and give everyone an update,” the post began. “Nikki is doing well now, due to a cardiovascular event (tachycardia/arrhythmia) fourteen days ago that requires an emergency referral.”


“Some of you may remember that he had a relative episode last year after his second spinal operation (for Cauda Equina),” he said.

Brendon suffers from Cauda Equina, a pinched nerve in the lower back that limits movement and sensation.

“But this time,” his sister added, “he’s trying to rest more and reset his clinical course of action.”

The article included several shots of the 51-year-old performer in a car in crisis and in a treatment center.

Brandon’s latest well-being fight comes because of a break-in situation. Last year, he underwent emergency spinal surgery after noting that he was experiencing “loss of movement in his genitals and legs,” which he attributed to a prison posting in August 2021.

The Criminal Minds actor was arrested in Indiana and charged with cheating in a botched arrangement. It was while in prison that her boss, Teresa Fortier, was convinced that her condition had worsened by lying on a significant floor during her visit.

Fortier told The Daily Mail that “at the time of the seizure, they did not fully address his condition.” “This aggravated the symptoms of his previous acute problem and the lack of movement began to return. It could have been another plate or an explosion [had] it’s all abnormal.”

“Thus, resting on a significant floor with various inmates was clearly not supportive of retouching, and it only fueled his current problem, and from there, he suffered enormous torture with death and loss of movement,” he said.

Highlighted as Xander Harris on Buffy for a total of seven seasons from 1997 to 2003, Brandon had a long struggle with drugs and alcohol. He began to recover in April 2004, but this was not the end for the performer.

He re-entered rehab in 2010 and continued to have drug and alcohol troubles in 2015 with two very similar run-ins with the law, with Brendon being arrested at various times throughout his tenure.

Before his 2021 prison spell, Brendon was serving a three-year assessment sentence in 2017 for stalking his ex.

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