Why is a man named Owen Gray considered the latest internet obsession

New trends are popping up on TikTok every day and it’s hard to keep up with what they all mean.

Annoyingly, people on the app like to be discreet about the latest craziness and keep others in the dark.

This means that it can often be really hard to spot some of the more mainstream trends, like Owen Gray for example.

The name is taking over the internet and everyone seems to be obsessed with the guy, but who is he? If you are confused, here is a full explanation…

I used to be famous | Official Trailer | Netflix



I used to be famous | Official Trailer | Netflix






Meet Owen Gray

There is no mention of Owen Gray anywhere on Google, but according to fans, the internet-famous man is an adult movie star.

He makes lewd videos on some of the most popular adult sites on the internet where a lot of people seem to know who he is.

People became obsessed with his long hair, good looks, tattoos, and candid videos and he became the internet’s newest heartthrob.

He doesn’t seem to have any social media profiles of his own, but he does have a fan page by name @owen.gray.is.bae He has a lot of pictures of him.

Fans claim that she took most of her photos from Owenveryowengray’s account but that account appears to have been deleted.

people are obsessed with it

People on TikTok, Twitter, and other social media sites are absolutely smitten with Owen and his name has gone viral all over the internet.

It’s nothing new either and by the looks of it, people were obsessed with it before 2022 – but the trend appears to have rebounded this month.

tik tok Videos From 2020, watch girls fascinated by the movie star, but he also gained a whole new era of fans in 2022.

One person Wrote on Twitter: “If he’s not like Owen Gray, I don’t want him. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about.. good 💀#OwenGray. “

“I did some research on Owen Gray…this guy is inspiring,” He said else.

third person added: “Owen Gray is a beautiful human being. God’s gift to a woman.”

Others are really confused

While some have known who Owen Gray is for years, others are really confused by the viral trend.

One person Wrote “Who is Owen Gray” on TikTok, to which many responded in the comments: “I am confused.”

“Who is Owen Gray and why is everyone talking about him”, post Wrote on Twitter before someone explained everyone’s new obsession.

“How do you not know who Owen Gray is,” someone else chirpvisibly terrified that people are only discovering the adult star now.

So, that’s all you need to know about Owen. TikTok will now make more sense now!

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