Wild Tom Brady conspiracy theory links Bucs’ absence to reality show

An NFL analyst has debunked a wild fan theory that extends linking Tom Brady’s absence from the Buck family to the filming of the popular reality TV show.

The reasons for Tom Brady’s absence from Tampa Bay’s pre-season, and the timeline for his return, remain unclear. Officially, Brady is stepping away from the team in August for “personal reasons,” with Ian Rapoport, an NFL insider, reporting that sources say the reasons are related to his family.

Bucs players like Devin White have publicly asked the media and fans to treat Brady sympathetically out of respect for his private life, but the internet had other plans. The NFL Analyst is known on Twitter as ok lindsey Discuss the existence of a wild conspiracy theory speculating that Tom Brady is absent because he is busy filming for a popular reality TV show.

Sports writer David Gardner shared a screenshot of a Reddit thread taking users down this rabbit hole.

Wild conspiracy theory seeks to prove that Tom Brady is absent from The Masked Singer

Lindsey reiterated that the initial selling points about the outrageous theory included the fact that he may have committed to the show during his retirement, had already signed a broadcast deal with FOX (which broadcasts TMS), and the show is currently filming while he is away.

There have also been several NFL and Bucs connections to the show in past seasons, with Terry Bradshaw, Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski all appearing on the show at one point.

Part of the reason the disguised singer’s theory has stirred up football fans is not just to see if Brady really has a bunch of golden pipes, but because fans know almost nothing about his uncharacteristic absence from the team.

Brady was notoriously silent during his time with the New England Patriots, but his relaxed attitude with the Boss family, featured in “Tommy and GronkyThe web series and his love for avocado tequila, make it fun to imagine Brady wearing a costume and shocking the world again.

Of course, from the information released so far, Brady’s absence is a more serious and private matter than not missing the preconceived notion of filming a reality show. What this conspiracy theory proves is that everyone is anxiously waiting for when Brady will return——and speculating on TMS celebs seems to be quite the entertainment for fans of the show.

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