10 Games You Must Play If You Love BioShock

BioShock has a world that takes players out of reality and prepares them for an immersive experience. It has elements of horror, powers, and setting that takes players back in time but somehow manages to also bring them into the future. Its gameplay is linear but the structure it sets for itself feels vast. The problem players have when they finish playing it is that a lot of games don’t feel the same for them.

This list aims to solve this problem. Players will be able to find games that somehow resemble the beloved BioShock.


10/10 Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas doesn’t have a linear story like BioShock. What it does have is the ability to throw players into a world that has been thought entirely in great detail. BioShock has its own ostentatious Art Deco style underwater. Fallout New Vegas is also ostentatious but only in the actual New Vegas location which is then surrounded by a post-apocalyptic world.

The music selection is also reminiscent of BioShock’s choice but with songs spanning many different previous decades rather than a select few.

9/10 We are a little happy

What these two games have in common is not much in the way they play because We Happy Few has more aspects than modern day survival games. It’s the dystopian tune and co-setting of BioShock and We Happy Few.

It’s also interesting to note that both games are supposed to take place in hyper-styled versions of the 1960s with a population that has become drug-addicted to escape reality. We Happy Few also differs in its cool style as it presents a futuristic depiction of England.

8/10 insulting

Dishonored feels like a true spiritual successor to BioShock. It’s not that the stories are the same as Dishonored deals with revenge while BioShock deals with unraveling the mystery. However, both games contain elements from each other. Both have themes about what political corruption can do on an individual level as well as what it can do for a group of people.

The gameplay has some similarities, but the movement that Dishonored provides is much greater in scope. The gameplay also focuses more on stealth options rather than just being an option.

7/10 Prey (2006)

The original prey does a lot in terms of its placement. This is where BioShock is very similar as both games have atmospheres to throw at the player. Tommy, the main protagonist of the prey is kidnapped by extraterrestrials. Jack in BioShock survives a plane crash that brings him to ecstasy. Both are thrown into situations that test them in every direction.

Tommy also possesses some psychic powers but nothing on a large scale like the plasmids in BioShock. The game also follows an atmosphere of survival horror with deadly aliens reminiscent of the mutant interactions of BioShock.

6/10 dead space

Dead Space has a story that does not share elements with the BioShock story. Where you find a lot of similarities in the aspects of survival horror that the game brings with it. As in BioShock, the main character starts off rather weak with little ammo and weapons to help them out.

As the game progresses, the character begins to get stronger. Survival items are not taken away from players in any game. Some of the enemies players encounter are easy to deal with, but the games can still create tense situations in their late game.

5/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: The Human Revolution takes place in the deep future while BioShock is a game set in the past. Although this is true, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a lot in common in terms of gameplay that BioShock has to offer.

The player has plasmids in BioShock that give them powers while here the player has different increases they can make on their body. This game also plays as stealth shooter vs survival shooter with stealth options. Even so, both of them managed to create unforgettable worlds for players to experience.

4/10 metro: previous light

BioShock has one of the most immersive atmospheres in gaming. Metro: Last Light does a great job of immersing players in an atmosphere that captures their imaginations. The story is also on par with BioShock.

It’s not that their stories are the same in any way but they both do a good job of building a world around the player that rewards exploration. The game also features stealth mechanics but offers different options in the way players can choose to face situations very similar to BioShock.

3/10 the darkness

Darkness has a different linear story than BioShock’s. Although different, Act One still holds the same power as Act One of BioShock. The story will make players traverse different worlds in search of revenge. The story isn’t BioShock’s quality but it’s still interesting.

The combat in the game is the place most similar to BioShock but also unique. This game has a dual weapon. Players also use the powers they gain from darkness to defeat the enemies but these powers have a mind of their own and are much more gruesome to use.

2/10 notorious

Looking at Infamous, it looks like a very different game from BioShock, but players who enjoy BioShock will also enjoy Infamous. The plot of the game is interesting and follows learning about a broken political system.

At his heart is the protagonist, Cole, who has newly acquired powers and players can choose to use those powers for good or evil. Much like BioShock depending on some player choices, there is the possibility of multiple types of endings. It also seems to be a combination of role playing and shooting game while the player never uses guns.

1/10 half-life 2

Half-Life 2 features a story as complex as BioShock. The gameplay does not contain role-playing elements. Its gameplay features puzzle solving, is mostly a first-person shooter, has stealth at times, and includes bits of survival horror.

The game takes you to the land that has been completely changed after the events of the first game and because of this, the adventure looks great. There are mysterious elements in the story, but the main conflict deals with the restoration of the land. The setting tone is captivating and bound to create moments as unforgettable as BioShock.


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