MonsterVerse Scouts WandaVision and The Boys Execs for their first TV show

Godzilla is taking a well-deserved break these days after facing Kong in theaters, but Legendary Entertainment isn’t done with MonsterVerse. While plans for a new movie continue behind the scenes, all eyes are on the franchise’s first TV series. Apple is helping to revive the titled show, and now, we’ve learned that two veterans of popular culture are joining the project.

Reports were recently released as fans learned that the MonsterVerse movie had found two directors at this point. The first is Matthew Shukman who will direct the first two episodes. The director, who oversaw the success of Marvel’s WandaVision, will also serve as executive producer on the title.

As for the second chosen one? It turns out that MonsterVerse Reportedly singled out Julian Holmes. The director is best known for his recent work on The Boys as well as Lost in Space. At the moment, it’s not clear how many episodes Holmes will be overseeing, but fans are excited to see MonsterVerse welcome such new talent to its roster.

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These add-ons aren’t the only ones coming to the MonstVerse TV series, of course. Reports have also confirmed that Mari Yamamoto will join the show’s cast. Their role at this time is unknown, but they are in good company. Anna Sawai, Ren Wattab, Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tibbett, and Elisa Lasowski have signed on to the series. Chris Black and Matt Fraction are credited as the creators of the series, and Legendary is creating the MonsterVerse movie together with TOHO, the original rights holder of Godzilla.

As for what we know about this mystery TV show, little has been said officially. Fans have been told that the show was set after Godzilla around 2014 and follows different people as they recover from their kanji debut. The “Family’s Journey to Uncover Their Deepest Secrets” will introduce them to the secret business of hunting monsters, and Monarch will play a major role in the project whenever they go down. At the moment, no launch window has been shared for the yet-to-be-named project.

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