Sea of ​​Thieves: How to get pets

Life at sea can be lonely, but luckily for Sea of ​​Thieves players, Rare has included a way for players to purchase some furry companions to sail with. Of course, potential pet options include parrots and classic monkeys – both favorites of pirates, but there are also dogs and cats.

While pets are not particularly helpful in Sea of ​​Thieves, they do provide gentle companions and can be interacted with in many different ways. They won’t fight by your side or bring you treasure, but they are fun to play with and customize. Each type of pet has many different breeds and colors, as well as different behaviors.


How to buy pets at Sea of ​​Thieves

Catching pets at Sea of ​​Thieves is fairly straightforward. Players will need to make their way to the Pirate Emporium, the in-game store where players can spend ancient coins in exchange for various items. Ancient coins are meant to be purchased in bundles as micro-transactions, but can also be earned by killing ancient skeletons, or by advancing through the plunder passage.

Each pet will cost 499 or 649 old coins. For context, 550 ancient coins, if purchased from the Microsoft Store or Steam, will cost players $5.99. After purchasing a pet, this pet can be equipped in any pet box around the world. Pet chests can be found in the Pirate Emporium stores at every mall or on ships. These chests can also be used to choose any pet clothes players have. When equipping a pet, players will give it a name, and they can choose to rename it any time they like. Players can also trade in their active pets in pet chests.

For the prices, pets that cost 499 vintage coins tend to be the most standard beauty options in the real world for pets, such as calico cats, azure macaws, or cloudy capuchin monkeys. The more expensive options for 649 ancient coins are the Legendary alternatives. Skeleton, damned, and pirate pets are included in these, as well as countless other interesting options. While players are shopping, they can also consider buying clothes for their pets, which will cost them 249 old coins a piece.

What do you do with pets in Sea of ​​Thieves

There are a lot of things players can do with their pets, but as mentioned earlier, all of these options are just for fun, and will not provide any real benefit. Players can interact with their pets to pick them up, after which they can choose to pet them using the primary use button. When not being held, pets will roam around players’ ships to various places to rest, or follow players when they are on land.

When the animals are captured, players can choose to place them on top of the many resting places around ships and outposts by interacting with the place while holding their pet. Pets will be attracted to these points when left alone on ships, and these resting spots vary based on the species. For monkeys and parrots, the number of available resting places is much greater, since they can sit on railings, railings, bells, and other surfaces that cats and dogs cannot.

Pets will also react to the player’s actions with a variety of pet emotions. These include:

  • Angry – When the ship crashes
  • Encourage – When the player digs for a treasure, or the pet eats the food he loves
  • applause When the ship bills ring
  • dance When a player plays an instrument
  • Eating food When feeding them food
  • make friends – Only in response to a player making the expression “make friends”
  • morning – When a new day begins
  • Point Only in response to a player’s directive
  • frightened When the pet is afraid of something that may include enemies, lightning or gunshots
  • sitting – Only when the player says “Sit”
  • Sleeps – When the pet is on selected perch surfaces around the ship
  • taunt Just in response to the player’s sarcasm
  • vomiting When an animal eats something it doesn’t like
  • plank – Only in response to the player’s waving

Most of these emotions can be triggered by the player making the corresponding expression, as the pets will try to represent the players.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, pets can be placed in and fired from cannons. Don’t worry, they’ll be perfectly fine and will soon be back covered in soot. They will instantly teleport to the player after the player reaches their destination, so they don’t have to worry if their pet doesn’t come back after a few minutes.

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