Every weapon in BioShock, ranked

BioShock has a very rich gameplay centered around Jack, who uses plasmids – a mutagenic super serum to eliminate enemies. The game provides twelve plasmids in total. The choice of small and valuable weapons for the game makes those plasmids even more worthwhile. The game has a total of 7 weapons that offer different gameplay styles to help the players in their plot-driven journey.

All weapons besides the wrench are upgradeable. Some weapons are not as powerful as others, but this article offers players a list of the best weapons in the game. All mentioned weapons will be ranked based on how they function early in the game and when fully upgraded.


7/7 machine gun

The Machine Gun in BioShock is a lot of fun to use in the early stages of the game. It has the ability to spray a lot of weak enemies at once. The value of having something to control the crowd is essential when a player is in trouble. As the game progresses, Plasmids do a better job at this, and the pistol becomes mostly useless.

Of course, it’s still very fun to pull out and spray enemies with the machine gun, but even the upgrades don’t do much for this weapon. It’s also one of the only weapons that has a completely useless upgrade. The player can skip the recoil reduction all around while firing the spray instead of holding down the fire button.

6/7 gun

The shotgun is a powerful weapon in the beginning as well as late in the game. It is also one of the most powerful early weapons as it deals massive damage when used on enemies at close range. The gun also has good midrange damage, which makes it more effective. However, the weapon feels weak when you move more in the game.

When fully upgraded, the gun deals four times the damage. 00 Buck can also deal devastating damage, especially when combined with a plasmid that immobilizes enemies. The weapon doesn’t get completely terrible, but it doesn’t hold up much later in the game, mainly because of the extremely low reload rate.

5/7 pistol

The pistol is a weapon that deserves more praise from society. It’s one of the first defenders players have early in the game, but it’s definitely not the best. The headshot damage is excellent though, having a 4x damage multiplier on Splicers. The biggest drawback to this gun is the clamp size. Later, the gun can get a 300% clip size upgrade and a 25% damage upgrade. So this rifle is no joke for anyone who shoots a dome.

The high-level tours also make them great to use. Armor-piercing pistol shots are rare but can deal great damage to the game’s most ferocious enemies. Anti-personnel rounds are also superior to the machine gun, making the pistol one of the best primary weapons in the Bioshock.

4/7 grenade launcher

The grenade launcher in Bioshock, like the grenade launchers in any other game, deals massive damage to enemies. This weapon can eliminate all enemies with one well-placed bullet. Upgrading it will make players immune to scattered damage, allowing them to deal massive damage to enemies up close and personal. There’s also a 25% damage increase, which is a huge upgrade since the grenade launcher already deals massive damage in its basic form.

Players figuring out which way to use this on their journey is part of the joy this weapon brings. Various types of ammo are combined with all kinds of plasmids to damage Splicers and Big Daddies in interesting ways.

3/7 chemical launcher

The chemical launcher is, without a doubt, the weakest early weapon in this game. Its initial range is terrible, and the weapon can also do damage to players, so they must be very careful with it. The damage dealt isn’t impressive at first, but it changes after you upgrade.

When fully upgraded and using the correct power-ups, the weapon can deal massive damage. It is possible for players to use a chemical ejector instead of plasmids during major difficulties. This weapon can be used as one of the primary weapons to eliminate enemies when fully upgraded. In short, players know not to judge guns before their upgrades.

2/7 wrench

The Wrench is one of the game’s most powerful weapons, but many Bioshock players don’t realize it. Yes, it definitely looks weak with its key-like qualities. However, if the player takes enough time to accumulate all the different bonuses, they will see the wrench damage output.

Wrench deals 190 fixed damage if the player receives the Wrench Jockey upgrades and Research Camera bonus. On top of that, it increases damage up to 945 on enemies that don’t spot players. It also gets wild when players shock Splicers with Electro Bolt. If shocked and unaware, the damage could be as high as 3,780!

1/7 crossbow

Players get a crossbow at one of the best levels in BioShock, Fort Frolic. It has some of the highest damage capabilities in the game and the potential for unholy kills. The capabilities of the crossbow are much greater than any other weapon in the game. It has ammo that works like trip wires that will stun enemies and others, eventually setting them on fire.

In lower difficulties, players can kill an elite Big Daddy with a single incendiary bolt once they have completed a full quest. Shots also deal a lot of damage in harder difficulties. Regular steel-tipped bolts can take out fasteners in one fell swoop as the head shots have a 10x multiplier. A well-placed headshot on scorching bolt Splicers can deal 6000 damage. The upgraded crossbow reduced the bolt’s breakage. Players can use this upgrade and telekinesis to instantly grab the fired bolt and reload it back into the crossbow.

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