Rise of Gru Ending censorship in China to show villain serving prison time

Minions: the rise of a puppy It is now being shown in theaters in China, but Chinese audiences don’t see exactly the same movie as the rest of the world. Observers in the country have modified the ending of the animated film to be shown there, giving viewers an oddly different “version” of how the story ends, particularly regarding the fate of one of the film’s main characters.

On the Chinese social network Weibo (via Watchman), various publications and screenshots of the movie version being shown in Chinese theaters reveal an appendix that says Wild Knuckles ends up being arrested by the police and goes to prison for 20 years while Gru “returns to his family” with “his greatest achievement being being A father to his three daughters.

This is very different from how the movie actually ends. The real ending sees Wild Knuckles once again fake his own death to avoid being captured by the authorities just for him and Gru to later lead with the Minions. On top of the ending being completely different, viewers say the edited ending looks bad, and movie review publisher on Weibo, DuSir, noted that the Chinese version of things ends one minute longer than the international version of the film, commenting that “it’s only we who need special guidance and care.” For fear that a cartoon would ‘spoil us’.

These changes at the end Minions: the rise of a puppy It is not the first time that China has censored a film to be shown there. Earlier this year, the practice of censorship made international headlines when it was discovered that Chinese video player Tencent Video had removed the explosive final scene of the 1999 film David Fincher. fight club, put a comment instead that was more in line with Chinese censorship rules that all criminals on screen should always be punished for their crimes: “The police quickly discovered the whole plan and arrested all the criminals, and succeeded in preventing the bomb from going off. After Trial, Tyler was sent to an insane asylum for psychiatric treatment.” Tencent went on to replace that ending with one that showed buildings collapsing and destroyed as well as adding a cue card indicating Tyler Durden had been sent to a mental hospital, but then eventually returning the film to its full, uncut state. Other films and even TV shows have also been censored by China, including Fantastic Beasts 3 And the friendsboth on LGBTQ+ events.

in Minions: the rise of a puppy, long before he becomes a master of evil, puppy (Caryl) is just a 12-year-old boy in the suburbs of the ’70s, plotting to take over the world from his basement. Things are not going particularly well. When Gru meets Minions, including Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto – Minion sports new bows and a desperate need to please – this unexpected family joins forces. Together, they build their first hideout, design their first weapons, and strive to carry out their first missions.

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