Chris Sims Wild QB accuses Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

Former NFL quarterback Chris Sims would rather be Joe Borough over Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers in fantasy football and in real life.

Every analyst in the NFL tends to have some biases when it comes to their favorite players. Some of them are fans of the town’s teams, while some unite against certain players because they are constantly making arguments against them.

NBC’s NFL anchor Chris Sims has explained it once again Tom Brady is a bit overrated – And for that, NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers rules.

When fantasy football inventors Matthew Perry and Michael Smith asked Sims who he’d rather take the fantasy between Brady and Joe Borough, Sims went with the latter and then some.

The Sims started “Joe Borough All Day”. “Well, Tom Brady never could—in real life? He’s not even close. Tom Brady could never have brought this Bengals to the Super Bowl last year. Never.”

Smith immediately took the show into a commercial break to prevent Simms from “derailing” the conversation any further with his unpopular views.

As the hosts turn away from Sims’ wild shot and Perry hides his head in shyness, Sims exclaims, “Joe Burrow was in the Super Bowl, and Tom Brady wasn’t!”

Chris Sims honestly thinks Joe Burrow is actually better than Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers

The Sims is not quite finished yet. Berry asked Simms who he’d prefer between Burrow and Rodgers, and luckily for him, Simms has remained consistent.

“I’m taking Burrow now!” announced. “One hundred percent. Burrow is one of the top five quarterbacks in the game.”

“One of the top five? I just brought out two of the best ones already! Smith laughed in response.

Perry then declared in a perfect voice to the news anchor, “Chris Sims’ views and opinions do not reflect those of this show or any of its other hosts.”

“I learned to ignore Chris a long time ago,” Smith joked.

While it’s exciting to look at the young group of new quarterbacks taking over the league – Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert – that doesn’t mean Brady and Rodgers are already left out. Rodgers is coming off two consecutive MVP campaigns and has run deep in the postseason with impressive regular season records. Brady just won the Super Bowl just over a year ago on a brand new team. Burrow’s Super Bowl campaign was great and sowed what was to come for Cincinnati, but that in no way means that he actually surpassed two legendary passersby in terms of talent.

Although Brady and Rodgers are much older, they have the unmistakable benefit of experience. As long as Brady and Rodgers can do quick pocket readings and dissect defenses – something a third-year quarterback like Burrow won’t match for several years – Chris Sims may want to put his hot stance on hold.

But as for Berry’s original question, Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase are likely to deliver big numbers of fiction this year. So do Kirk Cousins ​​and Justin Jefferson, so remember that fantasy success doesn’t always equal playoff success.


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