Director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate teases a new ad

Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the incredibly popular Switch game from Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Game UltimateHe quipped that a new ad potentially related to the title might arrive the next day. At this time, evolution Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate It’s over, which means that this impending announcement likely won’t have anything to do with the actual game. However, Sakurai could have a new scheme that those in the game community can enjoy.

Via Twitter today, Sakurai informed fans that his trend to post a new photo of Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate On social media every day is now over. Sakurai first started this activity in late 2019 when Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate It was launched for the first time and has continued until now. While that daily event is now over, Sakurai said he could have a new blueprint. Without saying much about what this could be, Sakurai said his “new” idea is something that won’t happen every day. He also said that he will tell fans more about what he has in mind tomorrow.

As mentioned, whatever Sakurai can tease here definitely has nothing to do with the live game Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate. Since Sora was released as the last DLC fighter last year, new updates have been made for Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate It’s coming to an end. However, Sakurai has been great at continuing to engage with the game’s community and is clearly looking forward to doing so for the long term. As such, it looks like he could have a new way to keep in touch with those he loves Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate Online though the daily photo posting ritual is complete.

What do you think of the outcome of this new thriller from Sakurai? And do you think that his new idea will include directly Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate? Share your own thoughts with me about this either in the comments or hit me up on social media at Trustworthy.


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