The biggest similarity between James Bond games and the exciting Jurassic World Dominion

In the period before 2022 movie release From Jurassic World DominionThere was talk of a sequence that would confuse the world of dinosaurs with the world of espionage. It’s not exactly a crossroads you’d think would exist, but with a bit of a triple caper action that involves an underground market and a motorcycle chase, these worlds coexist fairly well. As it turns out, even behind the camera, the worlds of James Bond and jurassic world It overlapped thanks to the great similarity in how both series deal with stunts.

During Jurassic World Dominion The experience, which celebrated the home entertainment release of the film in Malta, was able to peek behind the scenes with David Grant, one of the top performers in Dominion. Doubling up for both Dr. Alan Grant of Sam Neill and Rainn Delacourt of Scott Haze, David also has another notable entry on his resume as a stunt actor: he was Daniel Craig’s bridge-jump vulnerability explained in just about everything. trailer for No time to die.

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