Ria Vannort: A Haldimand County Paramedics Compassionate Colleague Died!

What’s going on with Ria Vannort? Ria van Noort, Haldimand district paramedic partner, died on Saturday aged 32. He fell into Lake Ontario while skiing and pronounced dead.

The Niagara district sheriff said that he went to a New York party with his relatives. Then he goes skiing and falls in the lake; The better half of the cases he canceled due to clinical problems not shown at this point. He was tracked to the lake and pronounced dead at the medical clinic.


Ria Van Noort’s reasons for her death: Ria Van Noort was on her way to a party in Wilson, New York with her significant other, daughter, friends and family. He then went skiing and went down the Ontario lakes at Niagara.

The party members later saw the body drifting in the lake as ria, so they picked him up on the next boat and took him to a medical clinic in Nigari East where he was pronounced dead.

Ria Van Noort’s Profession and Early Life: Ria van Noort was a married lady and had a young daughter. He worked in the Haldimand country pandemic, where he participated in the spring of 2021. Until recently, he was working longer hours. His work at Scholastic and his little girls were his universes and everything.

His associates said he was very humble and empathetic towards patients and colleagues. He is reliably ready to help other people and spread encouraging tones. Haldimand offered his condolences to his family, friends, and family during this difficult time.

Haldimand’s boss said he was an incredible surgeon and will be missed by every one of his partners. Her better half likewise said the two sent a backup page to cover any extra costs after the incident in the US. She said any additional costs would go to the trust for her younger daughter’s treatment.


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