The Seahawks somehow managed to make QB’s situation worse

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has expressed his belief that Jeno Smith and Drew Luke are both No. 1 quarterbacks.

The Seattle Seahawks are one of the teams with quarterback questions entering the 2022 regular season. After commercial star Russell Westbrook to the Denver Broncos, the Seahawks greeted Drew Luke in return. Locke will then compete with veteran Gino Smith at the start of the first week.

With all of the NFL teams preparing for the pre-season finale, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked about the quarterback competition between Smith and Luke, where he said they “may have two numbers.”

You can listen to Carol’s comments on this link.

Pete Carroll Says Seahawks Might Have #1 Quarterback Players

“Geno has done a really good job of being in this position,” Carroll said, h/t ProFootballTalk. “His voice is solid. He’s on point the whole time. He’s been so consistent with his work and all that, and Drew has been really sharp. I know it’s not supposed to be a good situation when you have two players behind the middle and that means you don’t have one is the adage, But I don’t know though we might have two [number] Of which. We’ll see what happens.”

Carroll is clearly a big believer in both quarterbacks, still making his decision on who should start in the season opener against Wilson and the Broncos.

Smith has experience with Seattle crime, considering he’s been there for three years. Not to mention, he started three games for the Seahawks when Wilson was sidelined with a finger injury and put in an amazing performance.

Then, there’s Luke, who showed off glimpses of being a future Denver quarterback late in his rookie year. After that, he wasn’t able to put it together, and signs of the team moving on from him surfaced after they traded with Teddy Bridgewater last year and named him the initiator.

On paper, it’s one of the weakest quarterbacks in the entire league. There is a possibility that both could shock the league and play well, putting the team in a position to compete in what has become a tough NFC West. If not, the Seahawks will be in a prime position to pick a quarterback in what is expected to be the 2023 NFL Draft category.

Whatever happens in the pre-season final against the Dallas Cowboys on August 26, Seahawks fans will be waiting to see who will announce Carroll as the number one quarterback.

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