Neil Gaiman says the surprise episode almost broke

After years of hopes for a revival of the series, hypnotic Fans had fun when the series’ first season debuted on Netflix earlier this month, only to be given another surprise when an extra episode was released after the first season debuted, although creator Neil Gaiman admits he almost spoiled the surprise. The excitement surrounding the upcoming adaptation has seen fans keep a close eye on all of Gaiman’s remarks in interviews and on social media, with the writer admitting that he inadvertently hinted at the surprise episode, potentially revealing more about the additional installment than he intended.

“We were able to keep this a secret despite the fact that I came very close to blowing it twice,” Gaiman recently shared with rolling rock. The outlet noted that Gaiman shared the name of an actor appearing in the bonus episode, noting the writer, “I also tweeted, again, before we thought how much confidentiality we’d need to keep this, cover book Here comes the candle [which appears in the Calliope half of the episode, and the comic-book version as well]. And I tweeted the fact that we dumped some cats. That was 18 months ago. Fortunately enough people forgot about it or thought we might have canceled it or maybe it was just something else we got away with.”

The bonus episode is a standalone experience, so audiences don’t necessarily have to watch the 10-episode season to appreciate it, as it also features both live action and animated adaptations of the sweetheart. Sandman Stories. Although these edits surprised audiences, the idea of ​​releasing a 10-episode season and then revealing an additional episode wasn’t a last-minute idea, as Gaiman previously noted that’s been the strategy from the early stages of the show’s development. .

“she was [producer] David Goyer’s suggestion. But we embraced it right away,” Gaiman previously shared Entertainment Weekly. “We were about to air the show on streaming platforms, and a decision was made that we were going to do 11 episodes. We’re going to do 10 episodes and then there’s going to be 11 specials that no one will know about. That’s what everyone knew they were buying. It also means we can start the process of these stories in real time. Too early “.

Season 1 of hypnotic Streaming now on Netflix.

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