John Boyega teases work on a sequel script

These days, John Boyega is best known for playing Finn in the Star Wars movie series, but there was another sci-fi movie that helped kick-start his career in 2011. The actor played the role of Moses in Attack the forbidden, the fan-favorite film directed by Joe Cornish that follows a group of naughty teenagers in south London who encounter creatures from space. Last year, news revealed that Cornish and Boyega will be reuniting to continue the story with a sequel. Boyega has provided some updates about the project, and his recent comments suggest that he is engaged in the writing process.

“This process has been fantastic,” Boyega said. collider. “The story was introduced by Joe Cornish and I. We’ve collaborated a great deal in making a story that makes sense for Moses and the other characters, and the new characters that will appear in the sequel as well. And then, too, there are different points of view in writing it, with Joe’s point being mine. London has changed a lot, in many different ways, over the years since the first movie. We’re just trying to make sure we explore all of that while bringing a completely different feel to this crazy first movie we made.”

“We’re so close,” Boyega added. “We’ve got there.” “Obviously we don’t want to release any dates to anyone because we want to take an interest in the creative process. We have the main backbone of the story, but we’re still in the lab, just making sure the story is true. The story is everything. But it won’t be long. I gave them the drums. To speed up the process. Hopefully soon we will have an announcement of when we will be in London, to get things done.”

Cornish and Boyega first announced the sequel ten years after the original film’s release.

“It’s been a decade since then Attack the forbidden “He has been released and a lot has changed since then,” Boyega said in a statement. He added, “I am excited to see this heightened story return to the streets of London. Moses has remained one of my favorite characters, and it is a great honor to bring him back.”

“I am so happy that we are officially announcing our return to the world Attack the forbidden On the tenth anniversary of the film’s release, Cornish added. “I can’t wait to work alongside John again, bringing viewers a much larger slice of space action within the city.”

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