Who Is Jimmy Bullard Wife? Does Celebrity MasterChef Contestant Have Any Kids?!

Former footballer and TV personality Jimmy Bullard will battle 20 different VIPs on Celebrity MasterChef 2022.

Bullard is most popular for his time at Wigan Athletic, where he helped the club gain promotion to the Premier League in 2004/5, and his time at Hull City and Fulham. Nevertheless, he began his profession at starting club Corinthian and went on to play for Dartford, Peterborough United and Ipswich Town.


In August 2008, in the qualifying round of the WC-2010 against Croatia and Andorra, he could not participate in the games, despite being an individual from the England group. His football career ended in 2012 when Milton Keynes Dons marked him down due to knee injuries.

Jimmy switched to football for a lifetime of television. He participated in the show I’m A Celebrity in 2014. Moreover, he has appeared as an intellectual on programs such as Sunday Goals and Match of the Day.

Who is Jimmy Bullard’s wife? Her Boyfriend and Dating Life Jimmy is in a serious relationship, still no relationship. A former soccer star and his girlfriend Diane are locked up.

As Jimmy likes to hide his life, he has never shared his picture on the internet through entertainment. The couple could have a cordial relationship despite not being seen through online entertainment.

Anyway, he told the Mirror in 2014: “My amazing wife, along with my two phenomenal children Archie and Beau, are always the best things that have ever happened to me.”

Does Jimmy Bullard have any children? Jimmy and his better half have two children together, but unlike his partner, he shares pictures and notes of his children online. She has a daughter named Beau and a son named Archie, the oldest.

In January 2022, he posted a photo of his younger self on Instagram and said: “Prodigy. Where did all this time go anyway? Love you, Arch and Beau, I was there for every second.

Plus, she often posts photos of her youngsters’ culinary prowess, so hopefully she’s got a few pointers for her appearance on Celebrity MasterChef 2022.

She may be avoiding lentils, as her youngest daughter is heard saying in an April 2022 video, “Lentils taste like texture.” Bullard revealed in October 2021 that his son Archie was considering a career as a virtual entertainment VIP.

Furthermore, he told the Express, “The deplorable trustees must be liberal. Get behind them, guardians. Take care of your youth. Get to know each other before computers.”

MasterChef contestant Jimmy Bullard net worth 2022 Jimmy’s long career in the spotlight has allowed him to amass a huge fortune. He is said to be worth £8.5 million.

This was accumulated thanks to his high-profile football career and television work.

Bullard’s intensity will make a big appearance as part of Celebrity MasterChef’s streaming time on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Tuesday, August 23 at 9pm.

Despite his footballing profession, he appeared as a co-presenter on the prime-time ITV satirical show Play to the Whistle with Bradley Walsh, Frank Lampard and Holly Willoughby. Since August 2017, he has co-hosted Sky Sports’ Soccer AM, initially alongside John Fendley and Lloyd Griffith.

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