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Warning: This story contains spoilers for Sunday’s “Dee” episode of Tales of the Walking Dead. “Let me tell you how she died,” says Dee (Samantha Morton) to start Sunday’s episode of Taleswhich reveals the origin of the woman who will become the alpha in the walking Dead. But Dee’s death is a metaphorical death: De’s end is the beginning of the alpha, which doesn’t die until Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) takes her severed head years later during the Whisper War. on me TalesAlpha is born when Hera (Ann Byer) and the Wisperers – survivors who speak in silent whispers, walk with the dead and dress as walkers – find Dee moments before she is able to kill her daughter Lydia (Scarlett Bloom) to spare her life in a zombie apocalypse. (Read “Di” summary here.)

Sunday’s episode “D” of the anthology series will happen next the walking Dead Season 9 episode “Omega”, which reveals Alpha through the crowded memories of present-day Lydia (Cassadie McClincy). “Omega” flashes back to the early days of the apocalypse, when six-year-old Lydia (also played by Bloom) was holed up in a Baltimore basement with her unnamed mother (Morton) and father Frank (Steve Kaze).

“Omega” reveals the abuse of Alpha that distorted Lydia’s memories of her father, who is an abusive and arrogant husband in one flashback and a loving father in another. (“It was all mixed up. It was a lie, but the lie wasn’t mine,” says Lydia Age 16.) On day 43 of the apocalypse, Frank and Lydia D watched kill a terrified survivor she described as “weak” before shaving her head bald.

When chaos erupts and Frank refuses to let Dee leave with Lydia, Dee kills her husband, her daughter silences while she watches Age 6 Lydia. Lydia’s mixed memories at the age of 16 recall that her mother told her, “Your father was a stupid man. The world is over. We do what I want now. He was tender. Now he’s dead.” “Put it on. That’s how we live,” recalls Dee, in a Baltimore basement, holding a bloodstained Whisperer mask.

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In Dee, the mother and daughter have been living on a river boat in the bay for over a year. After a violent coup by Billy (Nick Basta) forces Dee and Lydia to abandon the boat, Dee discovers that they can walk among the dead using the guts of pedestrians as camouflage. When Lydia asks what happened to my father, Dee reminds her: “Baby, your father was weak. Don’t be like him.”

Dee remembers the events of Omega only briefly from an alpha point of view: “The world collapsed, and I got stuck in a basement with Lydia’s father, Frank. I’m not sure if you meant to kill him. I’m glad I did.”

After failing to save Lydia from this world, Dee plans to commit murder and suicide. But before she could kill Lydia, a group of whispered people in walking skins came out of the woods: “We see you. spare it. Stand here.“The alpha Whisperer is Hera, whose flesh later became the skin mask that Alpha wore in seasons 9 and 10 of the walking Dead.

“I was protecting myself from my nature,” Alpha says. “But this was the end of de and the beginning of me.”

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D events are taking place before the walking Dead Season 10 episode “We Are the End of the World”, which goes back seven years before the Whisperer War and Alpha’s feud with Carol (Melissa McBride).

In that episode, slightly older Dee and Lydia (played by Havana Bloom, Scarlett’s real sister) live alone when they meet future Peta (Ryan Hurst). Taught him the trick of bravery she had learned in “Dee”, “Big Man” – then “Mr. B”, then “B” – wiped him – took the name “A” for herself. Later, Alpha and Beta led their group of Whisperers to their deaths: Alpha dies in the walking Dead Season 10 episode “Walk With Us”, and Peta dies in “A Certain Doom,” ending the Whisperer War.

New episodes of Tales of the walking dead Premieres Sunday on AMC and AMC+.

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