MTV VMAs 2022: Best and Worst Moments

This is a brief at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards! The Sunday night show began with great fanfare as co-host Jack Harlow surprised audiences with Fergie as the first actor of the night, and ended equally with Taylor Swift’s announcement of a new album on the way.

Between then, the night provided plenty of hilarious moments, including Lizzo’s video of his fine acceptance speech that included one notable line: “Bitch, I’m winning the shovel!” Cheech and Chong also gave the audience some laughs as they struggled to read Teleprompters while introducing the award-winning Global Icon Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anita, who gave a rousing performance for “Envolver”, provoked the crowd by shouting “VMAs! Do you think I won’t shake my ass tonight?!”

The Metaverse has been a recurring topic for this year’s show, with plenty of references to new technology both on and off the main stage. Eminem and Snoop Dogg presented a personal and “other” hybrid of their collaboration “From the D 2 The LBC” as bored monkeys. And while most of the shows were filmed on location at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, Bad Bunny made history performing “Titi Me Pregunto” from New York’s Yankee Stadium as he accepted the Artist of the Year award.

Harry Styles was also only miles from the VMAs, performing one of his many shows at Madison Square Garden in New York, but he was able to Make a virtual appearance for his album of the year acceptance speech About “Harry’s House”.

The most memorable VMA moments came from seasoned performers and the forgotten moments were somewhat inexplicable given the scale and reach of the MTV stage. Keep reading for the five best and three worst moments from the 2022 VMAs.


Quick surprise

Among the show’s biggest moments, Taylor Swift shocked fans by announcing an all-new album set to be released October 21. The reveal came as she accepted this year’s Best Video award, which she won for All Too Well. (10 minute version). ”

“You guys, I’m so proud of what we’ve made, and now every second of this moment we wouldn’t have been able to make this short film without you, the fans,” she said, with her cast and “It’s All Right” star Dylan O’Brien standing behind her. “Because I won’t be able to re-record my album [‘Red (Taylor’s Version),’ which included the winning song] If not for you. You encouraged me to do so. And I kind of decided that if you were going to be generous and give us this, I thought it might be a fun moment to tell you that my new album is coming out on October 21st. And I’ll tell you more in the middle of the night. “

Fergie’s comeback first class

As one of the three of the night show, Harlow had a lot to show for, but he definitely brought the heat when he surprised audiences with Fergie in tonight’s opening performance. The singer, who hasn’t performed publicly in years, appeared on stage in a witch’s costume stamped with the “First Class” tagline, and sang “Glamorous” alongside Harlow.

The rapper opened up with a “glamorous” performance – sampling “first class” from a jet set, dressed as a flight attendant, outsmarting Avril Lavigne, Becky G, Lil’ Nas X, Jimmy Fallon and more before quickly losing his outfit for a glossy black crew and background. of the red carpet. He soon joined Fergie on stage as the two finished singing “Glamorous”. When the track earned Harlow’s Song of the Summer, Fergie thanked for clearing the sample and described the 2007 song as one of the “biggest hits, hottest hits of my childhood—it influenced my entire style, so ‘A’ First Class’ is me.!”

Nikki Monster Medley

The VMAs stage was all in shades of pink this year for Video Vanguard Award and VMAs co-host Nicki Minaj. The rapper gave a stage performance of “All Things Go” and “Roman’s Revenge” and gave a short performance Capella Translate “monster”. The performance concluded with some R-rated choreography for her latest single “Super Freaky Girl,” which had Barbs front and center, singing along – sometimes louder than Minaj herself.

Czech Chaps Manskin Singer

It wasn’t the first time her ass cheeks had appeared on the VMAs stage (see Christina Aguilera’s 2002 performance of “Dirty”), but Måneskin singer David Damiano has brought to mind historical moments from MTV in the past — remember Bowie, Madonna and David Lee Roth — and perhaps The cameras moving out hurriedly momentarily. Proponents of Italian rock revival have always been on show, and the leather chapter number that appears in the middle of the verse is certainly just that. Side note: There was very little Victoria de Angelis appearing during the broadcast, so here she is below.

Ethan Turchio, Victoria De Angelis, Damiano David and Thomas Rage of Måneskin at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Prudential Center on August 28, 2022 in Newark, New Jersey.

Christopher Polk

The bad bunny reigns supreme

Bad Bunny made history for the VMAs on two counts this year. First, he performed his Best of Latino-nominated hit song “Tití Me Preguntó” straight from Yankee Stadium – marking the first telecast by MTV from the popular location – and notably, the artist kissed one of his male dancers during the performance. Secondly, Bad Bunny is the first non-English artist ever to win a Moon Person Award for Artist of the Year. Moments after the performance, the Puerto Rican star gave a brief speech in which he thanked MTV and told his fans what this achievement means.el orgullo Latin. Bad Bunny was nominated alongside Drake, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Jack Harlow, Lil Nas X and Lizzo.


lip sync lips

Live awards shows are tough and there’s no denying the amount of work that went into making it work – regardless of the dump button abuse – but it seems that at this year’s awards, the most obvious blunder was the obvious lip-syncing. Among the repeat offenders are artists like Blackpink, Anitta, and Flo Milli – who have devoted their attention to killer dance routines but left little room for actual singing.

Johnny Depp diving

Add this to our list of what we didn’t need to see at this year’s MTV VMAs. Dubiously featured as a moon person, Depp appeared in a few random singles lines as the awards show returned from commercial breaks. Although Depp wasn’t at the VMAs in his physical form, his face appeared digitally in the helmet of the Moon Persona floating above the podium. “And you know what? I needed work,” Depp said during the start of the show. “Hey VMAs, let’s get back to the damn music, shall we?” he said in another appearance, even though the f-bomb was turned off for broadcast. And in a clip posted on Signed InstagramDepp said, “I just want you guys to know I’m available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, wake-ups, whatever old-fashioned thing you need.” This may be the actor’s attempt to regress to the conqueror he once introduced to the world prior to Amber Heard’s trial, but the move definitely felt awkward at best.

F-Bomb . Flea Parade

On the night when the beep button was working overtime, it didn’t help that some speeches were completely incomprehensible. To the wit: Flea of ​​the Chilli Peppers who, while accepting the Best Rock award for their 2022 song “Black Summer,” brought up so many names, themes, and ideas that it seemed to shake off the particular dump squad. For the record, here are the parts we can make:
To my bandmates: I love you so much. To my wife, Melody, I love you. To my children, Sonny and Clara, I love you both. For every one of you watching TV here, I love you. I love crickets, dirt, trees, every human and fish. What is not love is cheese. I love you. Thank you very much for your support.”

John Frusciante, Flea, Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin, Anthony Kiedis and Chad Smith at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Prudential Center on August 28, 2022 in Newark, New Jersey.

Christopher Polk

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