Nintendo fans believe the next live-action movie will happen in September 2022

Nintendo fans have convinced themselves that the popular video game publisher will be introducing a new livestream sometime in September 2022. With August coming to a close later this week, the month has come and gone with Nintendo saying very little about its upcoming games coming to the Switch. And while the Switch is already slated to have the remainder of 2022, fans are under the impression that a new Direct should happen soon so that Nintendo can determine what awaits 2023.

On Twitter today, theories and fan speculation associated with the new Nintendo Direct have become so wild that the term “Direct” has become one of the most popular topics on the site. The main reason direct rumors are so loud right now is that Nintendo has held a live show every September since 2016. While it’s always hard to predict when a Direct will happen, September has been a window in which Nintendo is always looking to share the news with fans. As such, this is why a number of people believe that a direct announcement could be coming soon.

In addition to this reasoning, some also believe that Google may have leaked when the next Nintendo Direct comes out. When you search for “Nintendo Direct” on Google now, you will get the first result from the official Nintendo website. And while that’s not weird in itself, fans have noticed that the page has apparently been updated recently where it now states that the next live stream will happen “within 4 days”. While this may just be a bug associated with Google’s own site or Nintendo’s site, it could also be exciting that Direct is about to happen very soon.

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Additionally, be sure to keep reading below if you’d like to see what some fans on social media are saying about the potential of the next 2022 live stream.

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