Ryan Reynolds reveals his biggest fears about making Deadpool

If you thought Ryan Reynolds was cool, laid-back, and collected when he would fit in with Deadpool, think again. The actor filmed Merc With a Mouth for the first time in 2009 X-Men Inception: Wolverinebefore starring in a solo dead list Film in 2016. The latter film stayed close to source material by portraying Wade Wilson as the fourth most beloved wall-breaker in the comics. While fans are waiting for the official announcement of Deadpool 3Ryan Reynolds looks at what he worried about playing the character after his previous comedy, green lanternbombed at the box office.

“I’ve been in the comic book arena before,” said Ryan Reynolds, “and it wasn’t really a hit” The Hollywood Reporter. And I thought, ‘Wow, if this doesn’t work, I’m going to let people down. “And that was my biggest fear, it was just letting down the people who loved this character.”

Disney made a big move to integrate the X-Men into the Marvel family when the company added dead listAnd the Deadpool 2And the Logan to Disney+. A Disney+ parental control update allowed the streaming device to add rated/adult content, such as the three movies above and previous Marvel’s Netflix shows (recklessAnd the Luke CageAnd the Jessica JonesAnd the iron fistAnd the DefendersAnd the the punisher).

Sean Levy, who directed Ryan Reynolds free man And the Adam’s Projectwas appointed Director of Deadpool 3. Coincidentally, Hugh Jackman had a hand in introducing Reynolds and Levi to each other. As fans can’t wait too patiently for Jackman’s Wolverine to spare Deadpool on the big screen again, ComicBook.com spoke to Reynolds about the possibility of teaming up with Shawn Levy again for Deadpool 3.

“That would be great,” Reynolds told ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview, explaining his support for the idea. Deadpool 3 Directed by Levi and brought by Jackman to the cast. “I say, I’m writing to Kevin Feige, who cares about the Marvel Cinematic Universe in any Buena Vista way. I don’t know where it is, but yeah, that would be cool. That would be a dream. That would be a dream come true.” According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige in August of 2021, Deadpool 3 Under active development.

with Deadpool 3 On the horizon, Ryan Reynolds has begun training for his comeback as a Merc With a Mouth. Don Saladino, known for his work turning celebrities into superheroes through his physique, shared a photo of himself with dead list star on Instagram. “And so it begins,” Saladino wrote in the caption, and the photo shows himself standing next to Reynolds. Speculation is that Marvel Studios will plant the flags in mid-February 2024 and mid-February 2025 Deadpool 3 Landing on one of those dates. With Reynolds apparently ready to shoot, the project could be less than three years away and updates could arrive as soon as D23 is where Marvel Studios will present another presentation centered around its upcoming titles in September.


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