Seeing your dead body in that box is hard for me – Empress Njamah breaks down in tears after watching Ada Ameh’s corpse!

Well-known Nollywood entertainer, Mercy Johnson Okojie officially celebrates her 38th birthday today, August 28th.

The mother-of-four posted beautiful pictures of herself wearing a pink dress and a pink headband.

He thanked God and told how he was honored by Him.

“Birthday young lady. Sit back and relax, a prayer of gratitude to God is good for my good … . God impressed me… Thank you so much, Lord…”.

His birthday is two days after the memorial eulogy.

A kind Johnson hailed the 11th wedding anniversary of him and his lawmaker wife, Prince Odi Okoji, on August 26.

Kindness Johnson thanked his better half for guaranteeing that they will never give up on each other, while praising the memory of a family photo session in which the four lovely young people were also present.

“Part 11.. ..@princeodiokojie took my hands and promised never to let go… .we’re still as new as yesterday… Thank you master #mytradanniversaryday26thaug” Mercy Johnson composed on Instagram.

His better half, Prince Okojie expressed “TODAY,,, 11 YEARS AGO!!!! It has to be God. Thanking God for His mercy, provision and protection. HAPPY US A TRADITIONAL WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. On the 26th, 27th and 28th you noticed you know the event. Watch this space… ..@mercyjohnsonokojie I LOVE you FOREVER”.

The exquisite pictures have led to adoration and petitions through virtual entertainment from a large number of her supporters and colleagues.

Still glorifying her eleventh wedding anniversary, Mercy Johnson Okojie revealed an important marital secret.

The mother of four made a lifelong promise to her significant other, Prince Odi Okojie, at her eleventh wedding anniversary.

He said that he could not expect anything else from him.

He declared his adoration for the Edo lawmaker, citing him as his mate, partner, tattle hmm and battle paddy.

Good-natured Johnson admitted that he would never make a choice without her approval.

“You have been good to me, Lord… I could not ask for anything more. @princeodiokojie, My friend and partner. My tattle hmm and controversial paddy. I have never moved without your consent and gifts. Words alone cannot praise you Darling… God bless you dear… I love you today and always… Greetings to another section”.

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