Jordan Peele addresses the main Nob Fan theory about the mysterious personality

As if Jordan Peele’s filmmaking sensibilities aren’t impressive enough, he’s also an expert in marketing, making sure audiences only get glimpses of his projects before they’re fully released to the public. with noFor example, audiences noticed that Michael Bush on IMDb plays a character known as “Nobody”, only to have this character miss the stage. More than just a bug on IMDb, Peele himself has noted that fans haven’t been entirely far from guessing about the character’s significance, hinting that explanations for that character are on the horizon. no Now shown on Digital HD.

Peele shared with him: “People do a lot of interesting detective work, and this is what happens” New York times. “That character’s story hasn’t been told yet, I can tell you. Which is another frustrating way of saying, I’m glad people are paying attention. I think they’re going to get more answers about some of these things in the future. We’re not done telling all these stories.”

Nobody’s character is completely absent from no, as it appears in one of the film’s trailers, although this appearance is short and does nothing to explain how they might fit into the overall story. Understandably, left out of the theatrical release altogether, they couldn’t have been an integral part of the experience, but Peele’s comments suggest that they may end up being more important than audiences expected.

During his conversation, Bill also talked about another confusing item no That became the focus of much discussion. During a flashback to the tragedy on set Jordi’s house!a single shoe is seen standing on end, seemingly defying gravity, sparking conversations about what could have been the cause of such an event.

“It’s the question I get the most, and it kind of makes it the question I tend to answer at least with anything specific, at least for now,” Bell voiced the scene. “But I would say, from a character-driven point of view, that the scene is about a moment in which the character’s dissociative psychological transformation overturns. It’s a moment that changes something inside of you.”

When pushed for more details, Bell admitted, “You’re not.”

no Now shown on Digital HD.

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