The latest report on WWE’s Undisputed World Championship plans under Roman Reigns is heading for a castle clash

Roman Reigns will officially claim two consecutive years as world champion on Tuesday, just days before defending the WWE Undisputed World Championship against Drew McIntyre in Clash in the castle In Cardiff, Wales. There are a number of factors that lead fans to believe WWE will finally book Reigns to drop the championship to “The Scottish Warrior” and internal reports are now feeling those flames. WrestleVotes wrote on Monday morning, “For the first time in a long time, there has been some discussion creatively regarding Roman Reigns dropping the title(s). I heard many ideas have piqued the interest of those making the final call on Saturday in Cardiff. It should be an interesting week. In the future … “

With Paul “Triple H” Levesque now managing WWE Creative and the USA Network said to want a consistently world champion on Raw again, Saturday’s pay-per-view seems like the perfect time to turn things around and get at least one championship from Reigns. “The Tribal Chief” united the WWE Championship and Universal Championships at WrestleMania 38, but then signed a new deal with WWE that required fewer live events and a television appearance. Reigns has wrestled only four times on TV or pay-per-view since then, and the company had to book three consecutive pay-per-views without a World Championship match before Summerslam.

Reigns talked about changing guards with WWE’s Creative while talking to Sports Illustrated Media Podcast last week. While he seemed indifferent to the change, he also took some time to pay tribute to the work Levesque has done so far.

“We don’t erase what you did,” Rains said. “even if [Triple H] He wasn’t completely closed off to what we’ve been doing for the past six months and obviously over the past year, you know, with the health issues he’s overpowered… I don’t care who’s running the show, in mind, I’m running the show and as long as I keep pushing myself and doing my best. Me every week, it doesn’t matter if it’s Vince (McMahon), Triple H, Nick (Khan), Stephanie (McMahon), Amazon, Disney, (Paul) Heyman. “

He later added, “I think he did an excellent job. I think he’s the darling of professional wrestling now in the industry.” “It’s like a sweetheart in the industry right now and there’s such a honeymoon situation. There’s a lot of excitement. But I mean, if you look at the grand scheme of it and just break it down into what this controversy goes into. I mean, dealing with the madness of the impossible happened.” Vince McMahon step down, like just dealing, wrap your mind around that and then you’re the next guy. I thought following Cena was hard enough. Imagine you have to follow Vince McMahon. I think he did a great job. I’m really doing that.”


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