Big Brother’s Janelle Berzina and Rachel Riley share their sharp thoughts about returning for Season of Legends

Big brother Legends Janelle Berzina and Rachel Riley recently collaborated on the USA reality series Snake in the grassAs fun as it may be for fans to watch, I still didn’t like seeing them play BB. Fortunately, there may be a chance for both of them to play in the same season thanks to Julie Chen Moonves’ latest show for the intense “Legends” season of the CBS reality series. CinemaBlend asked both women about getting involved, and they have some demands and candid thoughts about the idea in general.

Janelle Berzina, a four-time veteran Big brother, with two appearances on “All-Star” seasons. When asked about the possibility of returning to Jolie’s proposed “Legends” show, Janelle gave a response that was a bit shady towards her appearance in Season 22:

If only they were real legends. If I’ve only had a day or two in the previous season, I don’t want to go into a house and see you because I’m going out. That’s how I feel about it, I think.

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