DC teases a new addition to the Flash family

In this week , Flash 2022 AnnuaA kind of book that is unique in that it is a story within a story. The bulk of the issue, written by Jeremy Adams, centers around Wally West reading Linda Park West’s novel, the romance and science fiction largely inspired by her private life with her speedy husband. But for all the storyline fun within the story, there’s also a real-life exploration of Wally and Linda, including a major twist at the end that could spark a new addition to the Flash family.

Warning: spoilers for Annual Flash 2022 After this point!

Coming to this issue, readers of The Flash already know that Linda has been dealing with quite a bit of her own strength increase as she has been shown to develop her own speed powers. It’s something that doesn’t really explain it, but it allows Linda a new way to connect with her hero husband. It is also important to consider the context for the end of the problem.

After reading Linda’s novel, Wally decides he wants to support and celebrate his wife. He gets a babysitter for their identities and asks her what she wants to do, to which Linda replies that she is “very craving to eat sea salt caramel gelato”. It’s a very specific passion and Wally remembers that when she was pregnant with their twins, it was what she longed for all along and he had to run everywhere to get it for her. It slowly becomes clear to both of them that if she longs for the same very specific thing now, it might have the same meaning again, and the end of the problem finds the couple wondering if Linda is, in fact, pregnant.

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So is she? It’s an excellent question. Linda being pregnant would certainly explain both the cravings as well as likely her sudden appearance of powers. The case itself does not answer the question of what the Western family is facing – this adventure is set to continue SparkleBut it sure looks like we may be witnessing the start of a new wild adventure for the capital’s loveliest couples—something Adams himself said. ComicBook.com In a recent interview, he was excited to explore the fans as well.

“I’m excited for people to realize that The Flash isn’t just about Wally West. It’s about his relationship with the Flash family and just like I am, it’s not just about me. It’s like, I’m not me anymore. I’m ‘us’ with my wife. It’s just about focusing on.. In the DC Universe we focus on a bunch of different couples. This is my way of loving this couple in a way that wants to elevate them to the front, “Hey, these two are the most loving and disciplined characters in DC Pantheon, and that should be celebrated.” Adams said: “I think it would be easy for me, for dramatic purposes, to break them up and do something horrible or something.”

“I don’t want to do that. I want there to be at least a couple in the DC Universe that do well, even though it’s tough, and I love the fact that Wally’s getting fast like, literally all the characters in the chain. You’re like, ‘Oh, but he’s progressing He’s got kids, he’s got a life and he’s now got this other wrinkle that’s going to add another level to their family. “So, I just want people to fall in love with Linda and Wally the way I do.”

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