Omen Prequel adds a Neil Tiger star server for free

Actress Nell Tiger Free has made a huge impression on horror fans with her work on the Apple TV + series Servantwith Limit Report that she joined the next omen prefix The first omen. Details about Free’s role are preserved, as well as details about the plot of the film itself, so it is not entirely known what her participation in the quest will be. The first omen manage it corps And the briar patch Episodic director Arkasha Stevenson, who will be directing her first feature film. Stevenson will collaborate with writing partner Tim Smith to rewrite the current version of the script. Stay tuned for details about the development The first omen.

the original omen It focuses on a young boy who appears to be the center of supernatural activity, and while investigating strange events, the father ends up believing the boy is actually the Antichrist, which is largely confirmed in the two follow-up films. The last entry in the series was the 2006 reboot of the concept.

Given that the first film begins in the wake of a woman’s death after she gives birth to Damien, the supposed son of Satan, we wouldn’t be surprised if the upcoming prequel explores the events leading up to the woman’s death. In this regard, it can also be assumed that Free may play the role of a woman, but this is only a guess.

In addition to working on corpsStevenson has also collaborated with director Nick Antouska on TV shows Channel Zero: Butcher Block And the New cherry flavor.

While the last film based on the concept was a reboot in 2006, the latest attempt to continue the project in a live-action ability was the television series. Damian Back in 2016. The series focused on an adult Damien after he apparently forgot his demonic origins, with this series only lasting one season.

in ServantFree appears as a nanny who comes to take care of a small doll, which is supposed to represent the child of a married couple who has died. As if this idea weren’t silly enough, “The Handmaid” and her strange religious allegiances begin a confused and disturbing journey for the whole family. Servant It is scheduled to conclude with the upcoming fourth season.

Stay tuned for details about The first omen.

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