Stranger Things star talks Vecna ​​back in Season 5 and iconic horror villain Namedrops

This summer saw the release of Weird things Season 4, fans with a Netflix subscription Help scary drama Breaking viewing records within just three days of debuting. Most of the people who watched the last set of episodes liked many things about it, including the new ones Fan favorite character, Eddie Monsonand the latest installment of a very powerful group of terrifying villains, Vecna, who will go on to play Jamie Campbell Bower in Weird things Season 5 when the series returns for its last episodes ever. Campbell Bower recently opened up about the return of Vecna ​​next season, and dropped the name of an iconic horror villain for doing so.

What did Stranger Things’ Jimmy Campbell Bauer say about the return of Season 5 of Vecna?

Everyone who watched Weird things During Season 3 he’ll probably be excited to see what the new Big Bad for Season 4 will be like, but also wonder how the show might top Demogorgon, Mind Flayer, and the various creatures from the Upside Down. Well, we all got a pleasant surprise when Vecna ​​immediately kicked off the reign of terror, and by Weird things Season 4, Volume 2 ends We’ve seen how cunning, dangerous and always this villain will end up.

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