Controversial Steam developer removed from store after latest explosion

A developer best known for blasting Steam rather than games he created has been removed from Valve’s platform entirely after the transphobic post disguised itself as a batch of patch notes. Domina, The game most closely associated with developer Dolphin Barn Incorporated, is no longer sold on Steam following a ban that removed the developer from its forums. The developer’s only other game on Steam has been affected by this as well and is no longer sold either.

After the publication of the last boggle like Anti-mask rantthe last straw for Domina The developer was the transgender disapproval post targeting Twitch streamer Keffals. This post has since been removed from Steam along with an updated message at Domina The page that said the game was no longer sold there “at the request of the publisher”, although the game was self-published, presumably this was a default message. Since then, the Steam page for . has become Domina It was completely removed and can only be Viewed through archives.

Dolphin Farm second game on Steam, Corporate Lifestyle Simulationhe still has Steam active page, but it carries the same message about not being sold on the platform anymore. You can see the “major updates” so far Domina Steam . Community Page Like one from August 6 where the creator complained about “dozens of fraudulent reviews” posted on Steam.

Archived versions of game ‘updates’ and other messages have been shared Reset It showed that the developer had recently received a message where Dolphin Barn himself has been banned from discussions of the game. The message attributed to a Steam Support member explained that there had been previous discussions regarding the developer’s behavior and that its games would be removed from sale.

“The recent ad posted on the Domina Community Center includes insults aimed at another person,” the letter reads. “We also note that you are clearing a number of posts reported in your post that contain various violations of the rules. In our latest communication we have made it clear that future violations of our rules and guidelines like this will put our future relationship at risk – and with this in mind, we are terminating our business relationship with Company” Dolphin Barn Incorporated” and we remove all associated products from sale.”

SteamDB logs show it Domina All associated downloadable content has already been completely removed from the Store.


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