Microsoft Edge 105 now comes with security fixes and IE mode tweaks

Microsoft releases version 105 update for the Edge web browser. This month’s update is a fairly minor update. It comes with some security fixes, and a tweak to improve the reliability of IE mode, which allows you to run websites designed for Internet Explorer in backwards compatibility.

According to Microsoft’s changelog, there are three feature updates in Edge 105.0.1343.25. With the first Enhanced Security Mode, WebAssembly is now supported for x64 versions of Windows. In the second, Microsoft has improved the Cloud Site List Management experience, which allows an organization to have a list of sites in a compatible cloud location. The latest change brings improvements to the cloud site list management experience for GCC customers. You can check it out in full, and see the new policies added in its release in detail below.

Feature updates in Edge 105

Although not related to Edge 105, Microsoft recently added a new sidebar experience to Microsoft Edge. This is it Designer To allow you to access tools and features within Edge and quick access to things like search and discovery, tools, games, Office, and Outlook. If you don’t want the sidebar, you can dismiss it permanently with a single click or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + / on your keyboard.

Microsoft Edge should automatically update itself to version 105. If you are not up to date, you can click on the three dots at the top and choose help and feedback, and then About Microsoft Edge. The browser will then check for updates and prompt you to restart.

source: Microsoft

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