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This story contains spoilers about Sunday’s D episode of The Walking Dead. “That was the end of Dee and my beginning,” says Samantha Morton Alpha when she revealed her origins as Dee on the AMC anthology series. Tales of the Walking Dead. set between events The walking dead Alpha flashback episodes “Omega” and “We Are the End of the World,” the prequel tells the story of Dee’s evolution into the leader of the Whispers: survivors who speak in silent whispers and wear flesh-skinned pedestrians walking with the dead. Before Alpha, there was Di. Before Dee, there was Hera (Ann Byer) – the unmasked as the alpha who welcomed Dee and her daughter Lydia (Scarlett Bloom) into her pack of Whisperers.

Morton’s episode begins one year after Dee strangles a panicked survivor while she’s hiding with her daughter and Lydia’s father, Frank (Steve Kaze), in a Baltimore basement at the beginning of the apocalypse. Through memories of Lydia (Cassadie McClincy), Omega returns to Dee before becoming Alpha, who recalls, “I went crazy in that basement. And I saw Lydia.”

Dee and Lydia live in the Bayou Riverboat community led by Brooke (Lauren Glazier), which descends into chaos when bartender Billy (Nick Basta) and his gang take the boat by force and kill the “weak” crew. Lydia flees in viscera camouflage as they search for survival, while Dee aggressively tries to impose her nature: “You have to be strong or you won’t survive, baby.”

Mother and daughter are together again when Dee Cia apologizes for failing to save Lydia. “I was so afraid of this world without you that I never thought of you in this world,” Mama tells her baby. “What kind of life is this? This is no place for a child.”

Before Dee can commit suicide with mercy, she hears whispers: “See you, keep it, stop it.” The leader of the Whisper group is Hera, who says to me, “Don’t speak. Whisper.” The episode ends with the revealing of the pale, blond-haired Hera, decapitated and skinned, living as a chubby mask worn by the new Alpha from Whisperers: Alpha.

In this interview with Character Bookwe talk to the woman behind the mask about Dee’s evolution into alpha, the mother-daughter relationship with Lydia, and what’s next for Morton in walking dead Universe.

COMICBOOK.COM: Let’s start with the origins of the alpha origin story. How far was that [showrunner and co-creator] Channing Powell and [co-creator] Scott Gimple brought you this pre-book on D? Was that before or after Alpha was killed? the walking Dead?

Samantha Morton: after, after. I can not remember [exactly when]. We’ve had a pandemic and we’ve had a lot of stuff and my head is all like, woo. Yes, I can’t remember. But I do remember that it was a long time before I went there that there was an interest in exploring this, and I would be interested, and of course, no thinking. It’s a complete “yeah, yeah, yeah” and let’s take a look at the episode and what it is, who’s running it and do we have the same glam makeup team? Because all of these things are very important to me.

D brings you together with Channing Powell, who wrote the “Omega” flashback episode the walking Dead. How collaborative is this process for developing this character of mine together? Was any of the backstory you imagined for Alpha walking dead included in this episode?

No, I don’t think it was. I think Channing has her own vision. And so the kind of thing I thought, it’s not there, but that’s not a bad thing. I am not the writer. I’m there to make it easier to play the alpha to the best of my ability, OD. But Channing was incredibly helpful, helpful, kind, and understanding with any questions I had, areas where I felt I needed more clarity or seemed on the page, very black and white, but actually would be more subtle. But it all comes back to [Michael E. Satrazemis] And also the director who was incredibly supportive. And Scott, again, was just a very nice co-op, so I love it.

The episode ends with the revelation of Hera and this other original story from the Whisperers. Have there been talks about embodying these legends and telling more about the story of Alpha V Tales Season Two or The Whisperers Show?

No, not really. I didn’t hear anything. So it was really cool at Comic-Con because I’ve never done Comic-Con before, and it arrived, and people were really excited to see me-slash-Alpha, and that was really good. And there were quite a few questions like this: “We’d like to like this, we’d like to see that.” And I think AMC is pretty busy doing a lot of sub-scores right now with regards to the walking Dead. So I’m not sure. I didn’t hear anything!

At San Diego Comic-Con, I noticed how Dee had never played before. Memories of the past that we saw walking dead It was Lydia, while Tales From my point of view. Can you talk about the process of finding this new character while making them familiar or recognizable as alpha fans know them walking dead?

Yeah, it was really hard to beat it because I didn’t want to make it so different that people are like, “Uh, he’s not the same person. That’s just ridiculous.” And again, it really assures everyone that they were Lydia’s memories, and that time and trauma can do strange things to a child’s brain. And there are reasons for killing Lydia’s father, and I thought he was a very bad man. It wasn’t just about him being weak, because he couldn’t handle the apocalypse – there were other elements of his personality that I’d come to terms with as a mother and as a wife in normal, if you like, pre-apocalyptic days.

Yes, I found this challenging, but I also found that there were specific hints of Alpha with its power, paranoia, and the way it would protect Lydia through it…she was killing for Lydia, killing herself. But she also wants him to know that anyone messing with Lydia, messing with her, finds this inner strength. And some people, in times of crisis, drown or swim. What does not kill you makes you stronger. And I think for Dee, even though it’s very painful, it comes on its own.

I thought it was interesting that Alpha was born the first time Dee wanted to kill Lydia Talesand die alpha The second time she’s ready to kill Lydia on me walking dead. How would you describe that relationship with her daughter and Lydia’s role in her mother’s transformation into the alpha we know?

I think it’s a very similar story, even though they are years and years apart. So the reason why Dee might have killed Lydia was because it would be a murder and suicide, because she couldn’t allow her child to live in this world anymore. It is very dark and very terrifying. There was no safe place. She also believes that at that point, Lydia had lost her mind, and that Lydia was gone. And in order to survive the apocalypse, you have to be smart about yourself. You should be ready to go. So this was really tragic.

I believe in the walking DeadThe reasons why Dee/Alpha is willing to kill Lydia are the same. It is because of ideology. It’s because “I can’t let you live the life you want to live.” And the way you talked about it – which is a bit, I don’t mean to be rude – but the way you talked about it at the time was, imagine your child suddenly joined ISIS and went out to fight, or star WarsAnd your child decided to go to the dark side. Alpha has so far disappeared from her mental health at that point she thought that by killing Lydia she was saving Lydia. Does this make sense?


It’s not about killing her to hurt her or taking anything from her or taking her life, she just thinks it’s the right thing to do. And again, it could have been a suicide murder.

As I mentioned, Dee thought Lydia’s father was “weak”. she He kills that terrified man in the basement in Baltimore While describing him as “weak”. Billy has the same “survival only the strong”, survival of the fittest with the riverboat crew. It’s one that Alpha adopts as the leader of the Whispers. In your opinion, what was the most formed moment or belief that molded Di into the alpha image?

I always imagine that the Dee family was a military family, and that her upbringing was difficult – very tough – from her father. And I think growing up in a military environment, this is a very challenging environment, from camping to hunting, to being able to defend and protect yourself and almost turning off your emotions sometimes to be practical.

So I think dee carries with it a lot of that. And I think she, obviously, doesn’t trust Billy, she’s nervous that Billy might somehow attack Lydia. You have to remember that in these times you don’t know who you live with. She wants to protect Lydia from sexual predators, as well as emotional predators, people who can kill us, so she is paranoid and protects Lydia. And I think these are the things you go through the walking Dead.

“Dee” is now broadcasting on AMC+. New episodes of Tales of the walking dead Premieres Sunday on AMC and AMC+.

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