If The Current PDP Chairman Resigns, Another Northerner Will Still Be Appointed As Chairman -Umeh

If the current PDP chief resigns, someone else in the North will continue to be appointed as president- Umeh, #Current #PDP #Chairman #Resigns #Northerner #Appointed #Chairman #Umeh Welcome to 50 Minutes S BlogHere is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast that we bring to you today:

Emmanuel Oume told Arise Online News that if the current national head of the PDP resigns today due to the ongoing crisis in the PDP, the next person to become the head of the PDP will remain from the North. He said the vice president of the PDP is from the North, and if the incumbent president resigns, he will automatically become the new PDP chief.

This will lead to the continuation of the PDP presidency from north to north. He said the crisis in the HDP is increasing, and even worse than it was before. Governor Wake said the head of the PDP should resign, and some people support the proposal as well.

Ohme said the elections are very close and all they want now is peace because if there is no peace, it will be difficult for them to win the elections. He said the party is trying to solve the problems it is facing now.

The resignation of the party chief is not even a problem, because if he resigns, he will still be the next president from the north. They have to solve their crisis before it is too late and they are now solving it.

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