How Big Brother The Twenty-Fourth Season Of The Guest Achieved An Important Stage

warning! The following contains spoilers from Big brother Feeds live as of Sunday 4th September. Read at your own risk!

Big brother Season 24 was different from any recent season for a number of reasons, and it resulted in some unexpected events. Notably, Michael Brunner has emerged as one of the most dominant players we’ve seen in some time and has consolidated his stifling grip on the competition. With his last win “Head of the Family”. Recently, Michael hit another major milestone this week, which may cement his claim as one of the greatest CBS reality series of all time.

The season quickly became Michael’s season, with Houseguest making history this last week. It was CinemaBlend Track the events of Big Brother Season 24 On live feeds (which can be streamed with Paramount + subscription) and can now confirm that Michael just broke a record in a big game and is one breath away from another.

(Image credit: CBS)

Michael won the 6th Veto competition

That’s right, Michael won his sixth veto, which officially broke the one-season record for winning a veto. It’s a record shared by series alumni such as Daniel Reyes (formerly Donato), Janelle Berzina and Paul Abrahamian. But of course, there is now only one title holder, and given how much Michael has had to do his best to do it, I’m not sure anyone else will join him.

Michael Brunner on CBS Big Brother

(Image credit: CBS)

Michael’s victory breaks a sixteen-year veto record

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