Skyrim Leak releases new version on Nintendo Switch

After first arriving on the Nintendo Switch in 2017, it appears that Bethesda may now be planning to release a new version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the platform. Over the past decade, it’s been a constant joke that Bethesda keeps releasing new iterations of it Skyrim Almost without interruption. And while a number of fans got tired of watching Skyrim It was released endlessly this way, and others kept buying the game with each new iteration. Fortunately, for those in this latter camp who own a Switch, it looks like it Skyrim Coming soon in a new look soon.

In the new list on PEGI website, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition It was found to be rated for the Nintendo Switch. It was released in 2021 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to coincide with the game’s 10th anniversary, with a proper title anniversary edition It was the most comprehensive version of Skyrim So far that Bethesda has released. Not only does it contain special edition A copy of Skyrim that was released years ago, but also included all the DLC for the game and a number of additional pieces of content. Switch fans have asked Bethesda to bring this version of Skyrim On the platform since last year, and now it seems to be happening.

It should be noted that this new leak from PEGI regarding Skyrim Anniversary Edition It is not an isolated event. earlier this year, anniversary edition It’s also rated in the Taiwan region, which gave us the first indication that the game might be heading to the Switch. Let’s see that PEGI has now classified this iteration of Skyrim It indicates that an announcement and a subsequent release from Bethesda is likely to happen soon.

Do you have any interest in purchasing this new version of Skyrim on a switch? And when do you think this version of the game will be officially announced for the platform? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at Trustworthy.


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