Camilo on fatherhood and his new album ‘De Adentro Pa’ Fuera’

Countless albums over the years have explored the joys and dangers of becoming a father, and “De Adentro Pa’ Fuera,” the third album of Colombian singer-songwriter and new father Camilo is no exception.

“My dad used to tell me”Tu vas a estrenar tu corazón cuando seas papá“The moment you become a father is the moment your heart really wakes up,” says Camilo Echeveri, better known as Camilo. diverse. “And he was right! You can’t imagine that until you have a child.”

In addition to the birth of his baby girl earlier in April, the five Latin Grammy Awards winner is also celebrating his return to arenas across the United States, with shows that draw families, teens, and even grandparents to a generational mix of urbano pop.

“The majority of my best ideas, I really feel like they came from some outside source,” Camilo, 28, says of composing his songs. “It’s not an illusion of any kind, I can honestly feel they’re praying as if they were praying”de Avoira” [from the outside] And you can call it whatever you like – the universe, God, that creative and guiding energy, love – there is something writing a story and as an author, you can let yourself be completely surrounded or not. And if I try to put my ego in the middle of any of them, it just doesn’t work.”

While ‘De Adentro Pa’ Fuera’ (which directly translates to ‘inside out’) is rooted in its loud voices and kind words, it also boasts an impressive list of collaborators. Pieces like the bachata duet, “Ambulancia” with Camila Cabello, mark new territory for both artists while others like “Bebiendo Sola” use the beats of reggaeton drums along with Myke Towers. Spanish superstar Alejandro Sanz appeared on the album’s eighth single, a flamenco-inspired song titled “NASA”. When the song was first dropped as a single, Camilo announced the duo InstagramHe called it a “dream come true” and posted a video of him showing Sanz a clip of him performing his songs “Corazon Partio” and “Cuando Nadie Me Ve” when he was 13.

The song “Ambulancia” featuring Capello came out naturally, as Camilo and his wife have been longtime friends with the singer. “We always talked about working on a song together but at first it was just pure friendship. Then one day when I was home, I just started playing,” he recalls, singing the first few lines of the track. By the time he put pen to paper, he was already thinking of Cabello in what he calls “a little loose bachata—meaning, it’s a special bachata, and I love it.”

It would be an understatement to say that her contribution lived up to his hopes. “I’ll be in the studio and stop the rest of the production, and leave Camila Capella My voice just to be heard. She’s so talented, her voice is so unique and I’m so grateful and honored that she’s part of this album.”

The 11-track group also includes Argentine rappers Nikki Nicole and Grupo Firme, which means that more than half of the tracks were created by a guest vocalist. When asked about his recipe for a solid collaboration, Camilo paused for a few moments before responding.

“I try to find a way to say it without it sounding weird,” he says, “but…the ways to really get to know someone intimately and deeply are through sexuality and creativity. It’s very hard to feel connected to someone, for example , sexually, if you don’t feel [emotional] Connection. At the same time, true creativity is difficult if you do not have a close connection with the person you are creating with. In my case, it is difficult for cooperation to feel completely complete if there is no intimate relationship – be it friendship, serious respect for the person, or admiration.”

At the time of this interview, Camilo had just played his first North American show at Radio City Music Hall in New York and premiered “Alaska,” his single with Grupo Firme, for the first time. He admits that he felt a little nervous before performing the song: “Will people know the song yet? Will they like it and sing along with it or not?” But his doubts were allayed when fans shouted with the song’s opening words:Hoy me preguntaron que cuál period mi cerveza favorita...”

Growing up, Camilo remembers that regional Mexican music was always played in his house, and although recording in this style was different, he called it a challenge only because of how respectful he was of the traditional genre.

“Personally, as a Colombian artist, singer, songwriter – it was a great song and so important to me. It’s a song that explores a feeling that, frankly, I’ve never explored in my music – well, at least not avoera [outside]Always Adentro [inside],” he explains. “It was also the excitement of this fan base, it went hand-in-hand with this US tour, because there’s such a large Mexican community here, so being able to celebrate with all of them for me was a very important part of this album. “

However, there is no doubt about the album’s primary inspiration. Long before he contacted any of his potential teammates to join ‘De Adentro Pa’ Fuera’, Camilo was delighted at the arrival of his daughter Indigo.

“This album was created while we were waiting for the biggest and most important part of my life – my daughter,” he says. “We were locked in the house, La Colmina It’s what it’s called,” he says, referring to the residence in Miami where his family has been able to shake off the epidemic.

He and actress and singer Evalona Montaner married in February 2020, and soon after, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child via a music video for “Índigo,” the last song on “De Adentro Pa’ Fuera.”

“When we were waiting for Indigo, I felt things I had never felt before, and this album is a testament to that: It was new love, new insecurities, just so many things mixed in my heart and led to these songs.”

During that process, Camilo said he dug deeper than ever, tapping into the feeling or “knowing” that there was something inside of me that wanted to appear. “

“These songs are beautiful but only have significance if they go out into the world,” he explains of the album’s title. “Happiness works in the same way, the more we share it, the more it grows and multiplies, and then we have the opportunity to go on tour, and on a tour of this magnitude—especially after a season when we’ve all been wondering if we might meet again in places like this—it means the scientist “.

Accompanied by his wife and child, Camilo is currently on the North American leg of his international tour, which has already covered Mexico, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

The tour also featured Camilo returning to his fans, aptly named no tribo (the tribe). “Thousands of people, thousands of families singing at the same time, looking into each other’s eyes and smiling at each other, dancing as if we were one,” he said enthusiastically, describing the atmosphere of his live performances.

Now, long past the ‘rising star’ moniker, Camilo continues to focus on his eternal goal of ‘writing songs, immortalizing feelings and putting a name to them so that others can relate to them. I feel like this is the best time of my life, my career and I feel like I’m writing’ Really honest music with who I am.”

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