Rick and Morty Gives New Meaning to “Mortyest Morty”

Rick and Morty It’s finally back on Adult Swim with the highly anticipated sixth season of the series, and the first episode has put a whole new meaning in what “Mortyest Morty” actually refers to! During the previous five seasons of the series so far, Rick and Morty have been described as “Rec Rick” and “Morty Morty” because they are so different from any other version of their alternate dimensional selves. But with seasons 5 and 6 fleshing out some of the key parts of Rick’s origin story, it has put these titles in a whole new light going forward.

Rick and MortyThe sixth season premiere, “Solaricks,” has officially introduced Rick Prime to the series. This was Rick who killed Dianne and Beth from Rick C-137, sending him on a spree that eventually led him to where he is now with Morty. But the big key in this revelation is that the Morty who chose to live with him, and thus the original universe seen at the beginning of the series, is actually Rick Prime’s grandson. So what Rick really means when he says his mortee is a “mortee morte”, is that his mortee is actually a “morty prime” and thus is more closely related to his grander task in general.

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With Rick finally explaining to Morty that it was his actual grandfather who set him on his current path, Rick also notably points out that this Rick is the “real deal.” It’s the cold, not-spirited Rick as our Rick has always described him, but that has other implications for the rest of the series as a whole. With Rick Prime back in the picture as of the Season 6 premiere, Rick C-137 is not “Rickest Rick” and is really trying to track down Rick with the “Mortyest Morty” that Rick Prime left long ago.

Although Evil Morty looked a lot more like Morty than the one we’ve been following from the start, linking Morty to Rick Prime shows just how important this Morty is. It puts Rick saving him in the past in a whole new context because he can never really allow any harm to be done to Morty as it serves as the reason for Rick Prime’s comeback. At the end of the premiere, Rick confirms that Morty won’t be bait going forward because Rick Prime doesn’t really care, but that it’s something that could play into the future of the season or upcoming seasons.

What do you think of what the title “Mortyest Morty” means in the title Rick and Mortyfuture? Curious to see how Rick Prime plays the rest of the season? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also contact me directly about all the moving stuff and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!


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