The Next Generation Phaser LMTD Pistol Released Today (Exclusive)

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NERF’s LMTD line based on iconic weapons from popular movies and video games has covered IPs like Star Wars, Aliens, and Halo in the past, but today Star Trek fans are finally getting into the fray. can exclusively reveal that two new Star Trek NERF Visser cannons designed to celebrate The Next Generation TV’s 35th anniversary will go on pre-order today, September 7. Everything you need to know can be found below.

We’ll start with Star Trek: The Next Generation NERF LMTD Star Trek Starfleet Type 3 Phaser Rifle, a motorized single-shot cannon (5 arrow inner clip) featuring light effects that mimic the look of an assimilation by The Borg in honor of the movie Star Trek: First Contact General 1996. It also features Visser’s voices and the voices of the original First Contact films. Seven Nerf Elite foam darts are included.


As a secondary gunner, there is the Starfleet Type 2 Phaser, which shoots a single arrow and has a pull-back handle. Amazingly, it is not sold separately! The Type 2 Phaser will be included with the Type 3 rifle. The set will be available for Pre-order here on Amazon Priced at $119.99 sometime today, September 7th (link won’t be active until published). It’s also available Here at Entertainment Earth (Free US shipping with code FALLFREE22).

Buy NERF x Star Trek LMTD Phaser Blaster on Amazon

Speaking of Star Trek: The Next Generation, fans can look forward to some big encounters in Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+, including Worf (Michale Dorn), Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Will Riker ( Jonathan Frakes), Diana Troy (Marina Sirtis), and Beverly Crusher (Jets McFadden). LeVar Burton recently said the following about working with his family TNG again (transcription via Trek Movie):

“It was an absolute blast to be together again…You guys heard how close we are, right? When I got married, Brent was my best man, and Patrick, Jonathan and Michael were my bridesmaids. We’ve seen each other through the births of our children, through marriages Parents dying, divorce… and so a chance to be together again, be together again in spacesuits and play these characters we all love – we love these people as much as you do. Believe me. And you’ll see, I’m so proud of us because I think we We all look pretty good. Not only are we aging gracefully, but we are aging appropriately. And that’s not always the case.”

Star Trek: Picard Chapters 1 and 2 are streaming now Paramount +. The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard To debut at Paramount+ in 2023.


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